1. T

    O-360 Cylinder Pitting

    Looking at buying a 500hr TT plane that’s 30 years old with an O-360. It’s been sitting most of the last 20 years. Pre buy scope confirmed pitting in the cylinders, though it still has excellent compressions for now. Obviously can’t see the cam or lifters but presume they are also corroded. I am...
  2. E

    The $20/hour Cessna 172 experiment—Update

    https://airfactsjournal.com/2022/10/the-20-hour-cessna-172-experiment-update/ I found this article particularly fascinating. They found a way to address the leaded gas issue. Plus reduced operating costs, emissions and noise. You get one guess what the roadblock is.
  3. E

    P 2012 STOL

    I recently heard Tecnam is now building an STOL variant of the P2012. For this application they have selected the (375 hp) Continental GTSIO-520-S Instead of the (375 hp) Lycoming TEO-540. Does anyone know why they reverted to the use of a geared engine while every other manufacturer has...
  4. T

    Fouled or Dirty Plugs

    My engine, a lycoming O-540, is running a bit rough around ~1700 RPM. I've had this issue before and MX replaced all 12 spark plugs and everything was better. This time around it seems a bit worse and the mag checks show a drop of 175-200 RPM. On both the left and right mags it runs a bit rough...
  5. T

    Oil Dripping

    Howdy. I took a flight in my 182 with an O-540 J3C5D last week and after being on the ground for a while we noticed a bit of oil dripping out on the ground. I've owned the plane for less than a year so I don't know how it acts in the hottest weather yet. It was 100*+ outside and the aircraft...
  6. T

    Is the propeller + engine canted / offset to the side on a Cessna 210 ?

    Many GA aircraft have their prop and engine tilted a bit to the right, but I've looked through many photos of Cessna 210's, and I couldn't spot ANY tilt on any of them. Is that right - is the prop and engine really straight on a Cessna 210, or am I just blind ? Thanks in advance ! :) P.S.: I...
  7. A

    Oil Analysis- C150M - O-200

    Total time SMOH 970 (15 years ago) Total on 4 cylinders 360 (8 years ago). Good afternoon all, Recently bought a C150 to fly around for fun. I love it but since it was only flying 20 to 40 hours a year for the last 10 years I decided to do an early oil change (11.5 hours). I logged these in...
  8. H

    Engine upgrade recommendations for a J-3

    Hi guys, the J-3 is one of my options as a first plane after my PPL is completed. I found one (1946) at TAP that currently has a Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) + a McCauley 2 Blade. See pic below. I'm planning to squeeze that engine until the end, but what will be a good engine option...
  9. Jake Simpson

    Cylinder 1 very low temp and running rough- Piper Arrow

    As I was flying my 1969 Arrow I today, I was doing some light maneuvering at 6000' normal cruise power setting. Upon feeling a slight shake begin coming from the engine, I looked at my CHTs and noticed cylinder 1 was far lower than the other three, which were running normally. The engine ran...
  10. Pablo Canales

    Propeller noise

    Hi Guys! I own a Cessna 205 with a 3 blade Continental I-O 550 The thing is, the propeller has started to make an almost unnoticeable Pulsating Sound during cruise flight.(you can only hear it with the headsets on) No real vibration has been felt, just the sound, like when you are flying a...
  11. O

    What Are the Options With a Burned Valve?

    There are lots of threads about diagnosing valve leaking and failure, but my friend “Search” was unable to tell me what the options are if you have a bad valve. If you have a valve that doesn’t improve with lapping or has cracks on borescope, what are the options? And what kind of time and cost...
  12. Jake Simpson

    Piston engine start

    Good evening everyone, I have been wanting to ask this question but a lot of people I ask don't have a solid answer and answers tend to vary. The question lies in how to start different sized piston engines and fuel injected vs carbureted. I have flown in many single engine piston aircraft...
  13. Penguinforce

    Is It Better to Fly at 55% Power or 75% Power, in Terms of Engine Health?

    Sometimes the time saved flying at 75% power outweighs the potential gas saved by flying at 55% power. So why not fly at 75% power all the time? My question is, in terms of overall engine health, is it better to fly at 55% power? Or is it better to fly half a cross country flight at 55% and the...
  14. C

    Help with constant prop and oil in the fuel tank

    Hi all, Recently picked up my Commander 112A from ADSB upgrade and when I wanted to set cruise settings, the prop leveler wont stay and will go forward. Now, on the preflight, I noticed oil in my left tank fuel sump. Engine fuel sump and right tank sump were clean. Didnt noticed the issue on...
  15. T


    Recently my Ercoupe's C-85 lost oil prime which resulted in no oil pressure on start-up. Unfortunately, it ran for around 15-minutes - including a run-up, before being noticed. Long story, it was a "friend" warming up plane for oil change and did not notice. I know, I know, the engine is...
  16. DKirkpatrick

    Lycoming O-540 Engine model question

    Hi, Looking at a nice older Piper 235. Has a nice older Lycoming O-540 B4B5... If I should find a Lycoming O-540 A1D5 replacement engine, from a Comanche, can that go into the Piper 235? Can that engine be modified to the BRB5? Thanks in advance for the coaching.
  17. ItsACardinalRG

    Thoughts on a cracked case

    My Cessna Cardinal started leaking oil. I had it checked and they found a crack about 3 - 4 inches long on the right side of the case below the front cylinder. I'm getting an estimate of $15k - $18k--remove the engine, strip it down, weld the case if they can (around $15k plus tax), otherwise...
  18. J

    Industrial Heated Blanket for Prehea

    Purchasing a 1962 PA-28-160, and will be on a tie down in Tennessee (due to lack of hangar availability and funds). 30SMOH, new cylinders (not sure if ECI or Lycoming), I want to avoid excessive wear. I'm looking into a 100°industrial heated blanket for preheat. Temps regularly get below 40°...
  19. easik

    I checked Out The $40,000 Saberwing Airplane

    This past week I had a great time talking to Bill at Azalea Aviation about The Saberwing aircraft. For those who are not familiar with this airplane, it's a 2 place experimental that uses a Corvair engine. Climbs at 500 ft - 750 ft per minute and cruises @ 150 mph, burning 5-6 gallons of fuel...
  20. nickmatic

    How does the manifold pressure sensor work?

    I just removed an Insight G3 engine monitor to send back for repair. Aside from the wire harnesses, I disconnected the manifold pressure sensor tube. My mechanic will be back from vacay in a couple weeks to reinstall and certify everything, but in the meantime I'm wondering can I start the...