engine converision

  1. Leyrah

    TR182 Engine upgrades: Keeping the turbo

    Hello! I'm wondering if there is any STC that can upgrade the engine of the TR182 to a fuel injected model and maybe even improve the performance up from the 235HP. What I want to get out of it: 1) Carb ice is a scary subject for me. I would love to eliminate it without losing power via carb...
  2. JScarry

    Engine and Prop Recommendations for Cessna T210L

    We need a new engine on our 1973 Cessna T210L and the prop needs an overhaul/replacement as well. We thought we might as well upgrade while we’re at it. The options I’ve found are: Ram has an upgrade to TSIO-520-M or -R and Hartzell ScimitarPlus prop. Western Skyways has a TN-550F upgrade...
  3. F

    Good compression or not - TSIO 520NB RAM VI?

    Hi, Appreciate any insight! Looking at a Cessna 340A that has both Cont TSIO-520-NB engines (RAM VI 335 HP) at 130 hours SMOH by RAM. One engine has one cylinder 62/80 and rest are all above 70; another engine has four cylinders at upper 60s and two at 70s. Are those acceptable given it only has...
  4. easik

    Piper Tomahawk 125HP upgrade. Any difference in performance?

    Just curious, those of you who own or have flown the 125 HP engine Tomahawk. Did you see any increase in performance? more specifically the climb rate. I don't except any changes in cruise speed but for the climb out on hot/humid days, did the extra horse power make a difference? thanks.