1. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago Approach / KLOT handoff

    There pretty much wasn't one today while doing LOC 2 approach at KLOT. My CFII had to ask to talk to KLOT tower after we were well into the delta airspace and on about a 2.5m final. Approach told us, literally, "yeah... Sure...". Well, LOT tower didn't know where we were lol. Quite different...
  2. ArrowFlyer86

    Airplane landed on I-355

    No detail yet but it looks like a successful landing by a Bonanza on I-355. Thank god it wasn't during rush hour! Looks like flying from C29 to LL22 (private air community). Was really close to Brookeridge. Wonder what happened...
  3. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago area safety pilot

    I'm beginning the flight portion of my IFR training and it'd be helpful to have a safety pilot for a lot of the practice so I don't need to schedule all the training with my instructor. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who would be interested? This would be in my well maintained Piper Arrow...
  4. Brad Z

    YouTube channel Half as Interesting tackles Meigs Field

    Sam from Half as Interesting, the sister channel to the popular Wendover Productions explainer channel, describes the act of terrorism at Meigs Field nearly 19 years ago. He does a pretty good five minute synopsis of what happened…
  5. Avi8or2012

    For Sale: Club Membership Great Club in Chicago Area

    Hey everyone, Fox Flying Club at DPA has just taken delivery of a 2004 Cirrus SR20 which means we are accepting new members!!! Its equipped with the Avidyne PFD/MFD, dual G430W's, STEC55SR autopilot, and a GTX345 ads-b in/out (bluetooth). Thats not all, we have three other airplanes: Cessna...
  6. GreatLakesFlying

    Orbiting downtown Chicago

    Last Sunday, I took a dear old friend flying with me. It was a beautiful day. A bit bumpy but beautiful. We departed 06C, transitioned KPWK, and followed the shoreline to the south. My "standard" skyline route is to turn west over Monroe harbor and take I-290 back to 06C. This time, I did...
  7. mikea

    Stadium TFRs = Unplanned Lake Michigan cruise

    Thanks, to TWO stadium TFRS popping up on ForeFlight, I took an unplanned tour of the Chicago cribs way out in Lake Michigan. It looks like it was Soldier Field and Northwestern. The last time I had to do this diversion, it was a hazy, hazy, hazy July 3. With no warning, Meigs tower said the...
  8. A

    Part 61 Training

    I am interested in moving from a 141 program to a 61 flight training program in Chicago. I have a PPL and am going to start the instrument course. My concern is the weather. I know that if I don't finish certification, I lose the hours in a 141 program. If I train via 61, and I need to travel...
  9. G

    Trade Avionics for Flight time? - Chicagoland Area

    Hi fellow pilots, I have an Avidyne IFD440 (new in box), which if you aren't familiar with, is a pin for pin replacement for the GNS430W. As some of you may know, the 430 and 530 have been discontinued by Garmin a few years ago. I was planning on putting this IFD440 in a plane of my own, but...
  10. A

    Chicago Flight Schools - Good decision?

    I am interested in completing my flight training to be a commercial pilot in Chicago. I will have a PPL and Instrument Course completed by the time of the move. I was wondering what impact the weather and flight traffic will have on my ability to complete my hours in a reasonable time frame.