1. Kumaran

    Can we descend below DA on the go around due to coupled height loss ?

    Hi ! I was wondering what the regulations are on the altitude loss at DA on a AP coupled go around ?
  2. C

    Required Aircraft Flight Manual Supplements

    When an aircraft gets upgraded avionics like a GPS, autopilot, and electronic flight instruments in a mid 1970s aircraft for example; is an aircraft flight manual supplement required and must it be printed and carried along with the aircraft or can it be in digital format? Same with the required...
  3. R

    PA32 Autopilot Replacement

    Hi All, First time poster here. Am in a partnership with a 1998 PA32-301R Saratoga. Has some avionics upgrades, most notably with an Aspen Evolution 1000 from a prior owner. Had the KFC-150 autopilot box go out the outbound leg of a recent trip (really went out - smoke and all, tripped...
  4. imwithtuxedo

    Dual G5 or GI275 install cost estimates

    I know the difference between the G5 and GI275 units and their respective high and low points, such as having to keep my vacuum AI with the G5’s to run autopilot, but looking for cost estimates only with interfaces with common equipment to the below: Piper Cherokee 180E Avidyne 440 Piper...
  5. H

    Weight of GFC 500 installed?

    Hi all, I'm thrilled to be a co-owner of a PA-28-151. We just got the plane and started to think about upgrades. It's something about boys and new gadgets... :) One of the things we are discussing is a new autopilot and we are looking to get a Garmin GFC 500. In addition to the GFC 500 we also...
  6. M

    KAP140 Autopilot problems

    I have a 2003 Cessna T182T (non-G1000) that has a KAP140 AP. The ongoing problem I have is that after a period (time varies) in flight using the AP the aircraft will start to drift left of course regardless of whether it is in HDG or NAV mode. It won't respond to the HDG bug. I have to...
  7. Alex G.

    ST-901 GPSS converter, help needed

    I've recently purchased a ST-901 converter and I need some help with the connection. I want to install it between my Sandel SN 3308 HSI and the Stec 60-2 autopilot to check if it works. The unit was previously used in a different installation, but the seller reconfigured it for my setup and...
  8. codeeno

    Genesys 3100 - Autopilot and Commanders (112s and 114s)

    There is an effort underway to get enough Commanders together to help get over the finish line for an STC from Genesys. We have between 13 and 15 now and trying to get as close to 20 as we can. The Commander Owner's Group has been working on getting the numbers together over last year and now...
  9. wayneda40

    A Taste of Autopilot on Return from Kern Valley

    After a great burger run, my wife Cindy requested a bit of “pinch hitter” training on the autopilot. She worked on HDG mode for lateral plus ALT, PIT and VS modes for vertical control. What are your thoughts on how to progressively acquaint your non-pilot right-seaters with how to take over...
  10. jssmith.lh

    How far into the approach with an autopilot

    I searched around and couldn't find anything on this. I'm sure someone will prove me wrong :-> I recently went from an airplane with a wing leveler to one with GPSS/coupled approach. At first I used heading and vs mode to the FAF. I started playing around with coupled approaches and thought way...
  11. PaulR035

    Piper Autocontrol III INOP

    The Autocontrol III on my 68 Arrow is INOP- seems the buttons won't depress and are locked in position. Bought it this way, but curious if anyone knows anything about this sort of thing. Anyone heard of anything like this or know what it takes to fix it? Thanks!
  12. Trever Oakes


    Why do pilots use VNAV less during approach than they do during other phases of flight?
  13. nickmatic

    Help troubleshooting autopilot pitch oscillation

    Troublesome problem here. I have a 1986 Mooney 252, equipped with a KFC 150 autopilot with KAS 297B altitude preselect. There's also a roll-steering adaptor but I don't have the model number handy. For about a year once in a while (approx. once per flight) I'd get an excessive pitch up during...
  14. D

    AP options for a PA-32-300 (1969)

    Hi Everyone, This is my first foray into potential ownership & avionics upgrades and my first topic on P.o.A. I'm currently in discussion with an owner of a 1969PA-32-300 to buy into a portion of the plane by investing in updated Avionics/Technology. One of the big items the current owner...
  15. Adam Weiss

    G3X Touch Autopilot w/ non-Garmin servos?

    I'm upgrading the panel in my RV-9A and looking to put in a G3X Touch. I currently have a 2-axis TruTrak autopilot. I intend to use the G3X as the autopilot. Does anyone know if I can continue to use my existing servos, or if I need to replace them with the GSA-28 servos?
  16. L

    GFC 600

    Does anyone have experience with the new Garmin GFC 600?
  17. zn105

    For Sale Century IIb Autocontrol IIIb for sale

    PA28 Piper Cherokee Complete system if you don’t have one or Is your autopilot not behaving like it used too or supposed too. Replace it with these newer components! Harness wired to interface with the Garmin G5, AH 52d66 is freshly overhauled 11/18 8130, 1C338 Century IIB Autocontrol III...
  18. Landing Fees

    R182 and GFC500 STC (finally)

    Our R182 "Gertie" had a little plastic surgery over the holidays, a little nip/tuck if you will. Added two G5's and removed the vacuum system. So far I am amazed, the price was right, they integrate nicely with the GMA350/GNS530/GNS430/GTX345. Now we have put parts money down for a GFC500 and...
  19. B

    First time owner need autopilot

    As a new first time owner (9 mo.) and the owner of a PA28-236 Dakota, I thought the new G5's and GFC 500 would be a good first addition to improve on the aircraft. I'm learning that Garmin may not support the GFC 500 in a PA28-236 Dakota (per Garmin letter) and is currently not part of the STC...
  20. R

    STEC-30 Autopilot HDG mode off 10 degrees

    I have an issue with my STEC-30 AP on which I was hoping someone might have some insight. Issue: Works fine in NAV, GPSS, and steer mode. Follows the GPS magenta in lo and high threshold modes appropriately. On HDG mode, however, about 6 months ago, it began flying 10 degrees to the LEFT of...