1. H

    Prices are coming down

    Seems like we have some good news. Either people ran out of cash or a lot of folks decided to jump in the high prices wagon and put their planes in the market
  2. H

    So, how often do you yell/curse to your plane?

    Any particular memory of a plane/flight that made you lose your ****e?
  3. H

    Underrated models/manufactures that we should consider

    With the prices we're seeing these days on the most popular models, is there any underdog/hidden gem that you will consider as an alternative?
  4. H

    There's such thing as too many Airframe hours right?

    Searching for an hour (confidence) builder plane, I came to this one: A 79' C172N with 14.500 total airframe hours. Probably from a flight school. I'm not interested on buying it but I got...
  5. H

    Engine upgrade recommendations for a J-3

    Hi guys, the J-3 is one of my options as a first plane after my PPL is completed. I found one (1946) at TAP that currently has a Continental A-65-8F (65 HP, 1800hr TBO) + a McCauley 2 Blade. See pic below. I'm planning to squeeze that engine until the end, but what will be a good engine option...
  6. H

    What was the first aviation related book that you read?

    With the risk of revealing your age... (I mean, flight hours) do you recall what was the first aviation-related book you read? Do you still keep it on your bookshelf? (Share a pic or link if you want) Here's mine: "The Killing Zone". A book that may scare the s*** out of many aspiring pilots but...
  7. N

    Multi Engine Time Building

    I am currently a CFII with 1000 hours TT. I am looking to build roughly 12-15 hours of multi time. I hold an MEL and currently have around 10 hours in a Piper Seneca 2. I am hoping to meet someone in a similar situation as me that would be willing to split the cost/time to make the cost a little...
  8. L

    Breathalysing pilots

    I'm a university student conducting research on alcohol consumption and airline pilots (drunk flying) If you are an airline pilot, please take some time to answer these questions. these questions are for research purposes only. Any response will be useful. Thank you. Do pilots still attempt to...
  9. Michael Colley

    For Sale: Aircraft 2004 Stewart P-51D Mustang

    INQUIRE HERE: Kit Built P-51 Mustang Sold By Mason Hall Stewart 70% P-51 replica. All restrictions have been flown off and inspections are all current. The aircraft is ready for your paint scheme. Hangar kept and regularly ran...
  10. L

    CO detector

    can you just cut out the small orange circle on the asa carbon monoxide detector to put in the panel? Instead of having a big white sticker in the cockpit
  11. L

    Cabin heat rerouting for cool air

    has anyone ever rerouted there cabin heat to somewhere in the cowling area to get fresh air in the summer time? I heard of someone doing it before but never asked them how to
  12. P

    For Sale: Aircraft Looking for a GOOD Qau City Challenger II

    I am in the market for a good Challenger II. You can reach me at 251-422-0994. Thanks!!
  13. L

    Funny question; go kart as tug

    Do you think a 6.5hp single wheel drive go kart would work as a tug for a 1000 pound airplane? :yeahthat:
  14. easik

    Cirrus Crash At Kennesaw State University This happened just yesterday. Pilot had reported an engine failure before the crash happened. Aircraft looks to be a Cirrus from the footage. My guess is they pulled the...
  15. calberto

    For Sale: Aircraft Five planes 02/19/2018
  16. calberto

    For Sale: Aircraft Five planes 02/06/2018

    Sorry for getting this out a day late-- experience some site troubles yesterday. Here is this week's post:
  17. M

    Aircraft Wanted !

    My full name is Marian Madalin, age 26, mechanical engineer and aviation passionate. I am planning to start a charitable association in the aviation field and maybe an exposition space for planes, parts. From where or from who may I receive a private or public charity donation an ultra light...
  18. RJM62

    I Suspect Alcohol... Rich