Barnfind -> dream come true!

    Hope no one minds me posting over here also. I did post this in the Aerobatic section but I've had a couple of guys send me nice notes saying it's so much more than aerobatics. It's an epic barnfind combined with a dream come true and that I should share it elsewhere. Anyway, here's my story!
  2. S

    Van's RV Kit

    Hey guys. I want to buy an RV Kit. The lead times for these kits are getting ridiculous to purchase from Van's site. I would prefer an aerobatic, side by side seating, nosewheel kit like a 6a or 7a or 14a. Please, if you know anyone trying to get rid of their kits please bring them to me.
  3. Cphili

    Pitts S1C Project

    I recently acquired a pitts s1c that needs more work than I could possibly manage, however I love these aircraft an since one is currently not flying and in pieces I took to it with the goal of someday getting it flying again. I know that this will not happen any time soon unless I have a lot of...
  4. camel

    Flight to Santa Fe to fly a T-34 mentor

    First part of the video is the flight from Austin to Santa Fe to visit Larry Salganek at The last 1/3 of the video is taking off in his T-34 mentor... unfortunately my GoPro overheated so it didn't get the aerobatics part of the flight.
  5. B

    Video-I Bought a Pitts S1S and Flew it Across the Country!

    Hi Guys, I've already posted this on several other forums, but I just wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't seen it and might be interested. This is a 'coast to coast' flight I completed over the summer in my Pitts S1S. Apart from comfort, autopilot, and a transponder, this airplane also...
  6. Ray Jr

    Extra 330 Normal Category

    Hi All, I'm wondering about loading passengers in an extra and doing aerobatics. The following are weights for an Extra 330 LT. A full acro tank weighs about 100 lbs. typ. equipped empty weight 1.493 lbs / 677 kg MTOW normal category (+6/-3g) 2.095 lbs / 950 kg MTOW two-pilot...
  7. birdus

    No aerobatics below 1,500'?

    If I'm over the desert or miles from the nearest human being while over the forest, why does the government care if I do a loop or a roll at 1,000 AGL?
  8. W

    Would it be possible to fly inside a city?

    Greetings! I'm an artist/writer who's currently working on a graphic novel about future fighter pilots. My main objective is to accurately portray how a fighter pilot may respond to the situations given in the story. I ensure you that I do my homework, as there's nothing I despise more than...
  9. Mitch Bowers

    Xtreme Decathalon Air to Air

    Here is an image from an air to air shoot this summer near Denver, CO.
  10. F

    It's possible to revolutionise an aerobatic championship and make it attractive to the public.

    Scoring rules inside the aerobatic box were not changed, yet out of the box we wanted to do everything differently. For the first time in the world, we ran a championship where the judges' scores were recorded electronically using an App, even with Nick Buckenham, President of the FAI Aerobatics...
  11. L

    Basic Aerobatic Training!!

    Me practising some basic aeros with the Australian Aerobatic Academy!