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    Issued a medical in 2010 after disclosing depression

    Hi, I know the depression topic is well discussed among this and other forums but I haven’t found much discussion about my particular situation, so I was hoping to start one here. I was issued a 2nd class medical in 2010. I properly disclosed to the FAA that I had been treated for depression...
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    DC area folks - Any airports within walking distance of Metro station?

    Don't forget that Udvar-Hazy is at IAD. It was my favorite museum anyways...
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    Aircraft Hire - Tucson

    Hey I flew in Tucson a couple times over Christmas... somebody mentioned Kelly's and she was fantastic. I believe she has C172 and PA28-160 available, but I think you'll need a checkout ride before you can rent. Aside from her, I also found it a bit difficult to find much in the way of rental...
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    Checkride question as well.

    On my checkride, I completely neglected the entire GUMPS check on my first landing... and I'm pretty sure so did he. We landed, taxied back around for takeoff, and I very slyly went through my pre-takeoff checklist, flipped on the fuel pump, and neither of us said anything about it. But I'm...
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    Average Flight Rules Map

    What do you think about putting the exact percentage of each bar in the tool tip when the cursor hovers? Just a thought. It's great either way.
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    Average Flight Rules Map

    I was getting increasingly concerned that I was going crazy... I kept reading about these hourly charts and checking the website and saying to myself, "AM I MISSING SOMETHING?". Then finally I figured out you changed them. I'd be curious to see them by hour as well. Great website!
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    First time I've ever left a flight lesson ****ed off.

    Don't misunderstand me here, I'm all for objective feedback and I want to be told when I'm doing something wrong. I certainly don't want an instructor to just tell me everything is great and say nice things and never help me actually become a better or safer pilot. I really don't think that's...
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    First time I've ever left a flight lesson ****ed off.

    For the record Dave, I don't disagree with you. I had a mock checkride with an instructor who used his ipad+GPS to track us and keep situational awareness. I never once felt like he was 'playing around' or wasn't focused on his job. But what happened yesterday was not the same thing. the ipad...
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    First time I've ever left a flight lesson ****ed off.

    HAH. My ground school devoted an entire class to the chief mechanic who spent 2+ hours with us out in the hangar, explaining aircraft systems, showing us all the things to look for in preflight (like the death screw between the empennage and stabilator), explaining the most common issues he...
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    First time I've ever left a flight lesson ****ed off.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I didn't expect so much of it so quickly :) I'll try and answer everyone's questions: - I asked for the P model because I'm considering buying a share in a flying club that owns a P model. I figured I might as well get time in the same aircraft I'm looking...
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    First time I've ever left a flight lesson ****ed off.

    Hi POA, long time lurker, first time poster. Here's my backstory: Started my PPL in September, finished up early last month in about 43 hrs. Checkride went great, the examiner had 99% great things to say about me, and one or two weak areas he pointed out. For my entire PPL, I had the same...