Issued a medical in 2010 after disclosing depression

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    Hi, I know the depression topic is well discussed among this and other forums but I haven’t found much discussion about my particular situation, so I was hoping to start one here.

    I was issued a 2nd class medical in 2010. I properly disclosed to the FAA that I had been treated for depression before and taken SSRI’s, but never for long term. I was issued a medical and got a letter from the FAA reminding me to follow the rules in 14CFR67.

    I never renewed my medical so it’s been expired for several years. I am now looking at getting my med again, this time I’d like to get first class, and I’m really unsure what the process will be. Most of the discussion around getting SI for this seems to be people getting their med for the first time.

    I believe I could make the case that since I was previously issued a med and there have been no newly developed conditions, that I can be issued a medical. But I’m
    Neither a doctor or a lawyer so that’s just my best guess after reading everything I can find online about the topic.

    Anyone have thoughts on this please?
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    Dave Bahnson
    I don't know the answer, but I do know that the FAA frequently updates and revises its policies on medical certification, so how it might have been handled then and how it would be handled now might be very different. Andrea Lubitz' suicide crash in an Airbus full of passengers in 2015 had that effect on current evaluation of depression. So I suspect at the very least you would need to get a Special Issuance and an unknown cost of time and money. Generally, I think short term usage of SSRIs in the past without further treatment isn't a big obstacle, but I'm sure one of the expert docs here can fill in the details.

    Keep in mind that since you also held a medical certificate after 2006 you could operate under Basic Med even while you apply for the Class 1, but at the same time you put Basic Med at risk if you are denied it.
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    When you fill out the MedXPress, answer "yes" to the mental health question. For your comment put "single episode of depression (assuming this is true) in 20XX, previously reported with no symptoms since last medical."
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    Bruce C
    Why would a 60 year old non professional, do a Medxpress- get a Basic Med. You would, if you did the 3rd class, need a current status report with a 12 year interim history done with great reolution.
    That resolution is becyone most family docs, though i have postesd the eight items it need contain, were you to do this.....