What will happen next?

Substantial damage to 6 Cessnas, loss of income for a flight school, probably very expensive repairs to a Citation, lost revenue from whatever the Citation was doing. $1,000,000 ?

Now would be a great time for an unscheduled annual to inspect what other damage might be there. And yes, Citation should pay for this accelerated annual.
That’s what I’m worried about. We have a good mechanic who is already going to take it apart to look for that sort of stuff.

You probably shouldn’t let your mechanic touch it until the insurance company gives a go-ahead. This likely requires an accident report to the FAA as well (damage to flight controls) so you probably shouldn’t disturb anything just yet.
Sorry your plane got hit, but happy you're insured AND know which plane did it. And if somebody is going to screw up and 5 aircraft, it's probably best that they're on the ground and empty.
I wonder if that pilot has the record for surviving the most airplane-to-airplane collisions....
I’m envisioning that scene in the A team movie where the c-130 that Murdoch is piloting is cracking all the fighter jet canopies with its wingtips prior to takeoff.