Westchester NY - obstruction near ILS

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    I had a look at Westchester Airport due to the recent crash and noticed a crazy building near the Runway 34 flightpath. It is noted as a Lighted Obstruction 3500ft from the end of the runway and offset 600ft to the side with a 37 to 1 angle.

    It is a tower, with a long possibly retractable pole with a red light on top. Is this here solely to annoy pilots? Of course maybe it's not retractable and the two images are simply old and new? There is what appears to be a smaller light on the un-extended tower.

    I just thought to check the dates. Street view no pole image is 2017, image with pole 2012. Guess they were made to take it down? Weird.

    Google Street View Westchester-County-Airport-R34-obstruction.png

    Their facebook page
    Westchester-County-crash-tower - Copy.jpg
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    That obstacle is listed as a 509 ft "Pole", which implies that that includes the extended height. It is the controlling obstacle for the ILS and LOC finals, and is the reason for the increased DA and MDA of the ILS and LOC.

    As for the purpose of the extendable pole? No idea.
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    I am prone to dive down rabbit holes, which may be appropriate for this, the Chinese year of the rabbit.

    41.052681° -73.693243°
    In the Facebook photo:
    Large building to left is marked "Market" and "Carbo's Deli at Belle Fair," though I think it is now called "Belle Fair Kitchen."
    GE photo:
    Bulid left of the tower is marked "Belle Fair Meeting House."


    No progress on the pole.
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