UAVIONIX and Flight tracking on apps


Apr 28, 2019
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Recently purchased an aircraft - and I fly it regularly. I wanted to know why flightradar24 would show previous owners flight path and not mine. I made sure Uavionix (Skybeacon TSO) is powered and functional during take off. I also ran a FAA ADSB progress report to make sure no errors were reported. Everything looks fine but cant figure out why flight path does not show. Any ideas?
I don’t know why it reported past flights, but Flightradar24 generally only tracks 1090ES aircraft. I have seen UAT planes show up from time to time, but never regularly.
All of my Skybeacon flights are on Flight Aware. There was a two or three week period where I saw nothing and then all of a sudden they all appeared.
FlightAware is helping develop a version of dump1090 (dump978 / PiAware) so that data feeders can start feeding 978UAT data as well as 1090es. I have a feeder that I send data to FlightAware and FlightRadar24.

I'd imagine that once dump978 / PiAware has gotten stable and feeders start adding a second radio to receive 978, you'll start seeing 978 flights popping up more and more. Most of the feeders are completely voluntary.