1. G

    uAvionix skyBeacon: A false sense of security?

    Had lunch with a high school friend of mine a month ago. He’s been flying for some 45 years. Suggested I get ADSB so we could, along with some other folks, fly to areas inside of Mode C around the East Coast, where we all live. So, I picked up a uAvionix skyBeacon. That being the least...
  2. Chilito

    C150 TailBeacon

    Hi, everyone. I know many on this forum are waiting for any sign of life from UAvionix. After a good wait, my TailBeacon (factory dated 10/9/2019) arrived today. It is beautiful and heads to my A&P tomorrow after a failed attempt at SkyBeacon on my C150 with original wing tips. Will have more...
  3. Z

    UAVIONIX and Flight tracking on apps

    Recently purchased an aircraft - and I fly it regularly. I wanted to know why flightradar24 would show previous owners flight path and not mine. I made sure Uavionix (Skybeacon TSO) is powered and functional during take off. I also ran a FAA ADSB progress report to make sure no errors were...
  4. A

    Another 2020 Mandate Request for Opinions

    My first post on POA. Finally decided to sign up. I'll apologize in advance if I'm beating a dead horse here but I'm looking for some info and ultimately opinions of other plane owners. I've recently purchased a C172M and am a student pilot. I have a (working) KT-76 transponder and am trying to...