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Feb 20, 2016
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There are a lot of good instrument overhaul shops out there. I am looking for some pireps on shops that have the ability to do a very high quality job on dial and bezel restoration in addition to the mechanical overhauls. I am concerned that not all shops have the same capabilities for making the dials look like new. Feedback is appreciated!
Most of the instrument shop do dial refinishing.

I would take picture of the dials and each data tag and email your shop and verify they can do what you want before shipping them.
AQI does re-screening of the dials as well during an overhaul. They do a good job, however, they don't exactly match fonts and line widths and such (see picture as an example), so if you are trying to be as absolutely accurate to original as possible for a high end restoration, you might want to make sure whatever shop you choose can promise that level of service.


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Thanks for the good info! I will send out my instruments and - after getting the units back - will post my feedback after reviewing the quality of the work.
I used Keystone instruments in Lockhaven, PA to restore the AI, DG and TB from my Birddog. They gave me a tour of their shop when I dropped my stuff off. They have a huge collection of silk screens for the dials. I doubt there's many instruments that they don't already have a template for. My work was done over a year ago now. All are functioning like new.