Reporting low altitude aircraft?

Discussion in 'Flight Following' started by overdrive148, Jul 19, 2014.

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    I was standing and talking with the air park where I fly. All of a sudden here comes this airplane at about 500' cruising right over head.

    Reading the words under the wing I thought it said Police Patrol. The air park owner laughed and said its Pipe Line Patrol and they fly through a few times a month.

    Right over the runway at 500' and its ok for its pipe line patrol. The airpark owner said...he is talking to ATC.

    So are fars being busted, I would say yes. But the world is not coming to an end and no one is any worse for wear for it.

    I would say the powers at be who would care knew this plane flies like it does. This airplane went right over a town at I am guessing 500'. It could have been 300'.
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    Which FAR mandates you report it?

    I'm fine with you reporting or not, but don't make up regs.

    No reg requires you to report anything in your scenario given.

    You want to. You're not required to. Nor is it your "responsibility" in any legal sense.

    Morally, your call.

    You don't need to hide behind a rule book and make up rules that don't exist, to be who you want to be.