Piper PA140 fuselodge and door includes cowl and nose

Brian K Harrington

Filing Flight Plan
Jul 6, 2016
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I picked this up from a guy in Northern Missouri it has been in his yard for many years, they knew I was into aviation and thought I would be interested in purchasing it from them, I did give them some money for it and hauled it to Texas on my trailer, its not much to look at after all these years but it does have some salvageable parts still in decent shape, entertaining offers on it, no wing no interior no engine tail section or gear just a main hull and nose section


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I'm looking for the "apparatus" that opens the pilot side floor vent...if you'd be willing to part with just that.
Also, looks like that has the "hat rack" plastic...what kind of shape?
Can you tell me if the vent is removable part or does it have to be drilled out?, I can take photos of the hat rack this weekend and post them next week, aircraft is located in North Texas about 70 miles from Dallas
I don't need the vent, nor the cable...just what ever goes between the cable and the vent. I wish I could tell you more, but my plane is missing the part(s), and the vent is screwed shut.
Can you see the vent on my left side full view photo? if its the one I see in my first picture on the inside picture it looks like it has some kind of box with a crank or something coming out of it, send me your email address I will send you photos with arrows to what I think your talking about, texasjetman@yahoo dot com