"maintain 7000, expect 7000 10 minutes after"


Filing Flight Plan
Oct 26, 2019
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Context- IFR clearance from KOAK to KMRY

Cleared to the MRY airport
via the NEUVO8 departure, EUGEN DIRECT
maintain 7000, expect 7000 10 minutes after

Question- the expect 7000 10 minutes after seems redundant. Is ATC simply following the boilerplate phraeseology, or is there a purpose I am missing?

A friend of mine was issued the clearance. He read back the "maintain 7000" part, but they inisted he read back "maintain 7000, expect 7000 10 minutes after".
Not a bad idea to be disciplined in checking all the boxes. And I suppose the expected could have been different from the initial, so no harm in clarifying.
Controller is making up their own phraseology. If the requested altitude on the flight plan is 7,000, then ATC simply assigns 7,000. If the altitude assigned by ATC is different than requested, then the altitude is assigned with the addition of the expected altitude in 10 minutes after departure.
I think they did that in case on contact with departure he was told told level off at a lower altitude for traffic, the expect clearance would still be in effect if radio communication was then lost.

thanks. This makes sense.