For Sale Lycoming IO360-C1C - 100 SFRM

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    Selling an engine out of a Piper Arrow that had an unfortunate incident. With 100 hours since factory re-manufactured, the plane suffered a landing incident and the plane was totalled.

    The prop dug into the dirt, so the engine is currently undergoing a prop strike inspection and required service. Rather than overhaul your run-out engine, this is your chance to purchase an engine with 100 hours in service since leaving the Lycoming factory and all ready to bolt on to your plane. Put this barely broken-in engine on your plane and then sell your old one to a home-builder for a very economical "overhaul". Complete logs showing the entire 100 hours in service since leaving the factory.

    Asking $25,000 and no core is needed. Can crate and ship anywhere in the country for freight cost. I will try to get some better photos uploaded when I am back in the hangar next week.

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