Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

Hint -
N____ __NN_
___ ___ __
N____ __NN_
___ ___ ___N

That's not really a joke. It has happened several times when I owned my business.
And in every case, it was the customer that got fired.

I believe it. I still find that particular story funny.
Not quite manager, but...

I hate the sound of my own voice on the phone, so I asked my friend Mary to record my required outbound voicemail announcement.

A fellow I'll call Ed came over one day, rather upset. He looked at me, and looked at Mary, and proceeded to berate me for having the nerve to have my employee record that message, and that I needed to respect her time and position more than that. I couldn't help smiling through the whole thing. This made him even more upset, and he asked why I thought his outrage was funny. I just said "Ed, I work for Mary." Mary smiled and nodded. Funny as hell. He just turned red and apologized and slowly walked away. It was great for me, because 99% of the time when someone calls me an a&*le, they're right.
And sometimes when they catch me in the hallway and keep asking me to do something that I can’t, I just say, “you need to talk to somebody with an office.”