Katamarino's Round the World flight

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Any pictures from the party?
Does 5k MSL give you the most fuel efficiency?
The most efficient way to fly a long leg like this (or really, any leg) is at a particular angle of attack that results in an airspeed somewhat higher than Vg, and is independent of altitude. In reality, you either slowly climb throughout the flight, or you reduce power as the flight proceeds.

If you're interested in lots of details, this paper by Mel Byington of ERAU is the best reference. Or, for a much more mathy theoretical treatment, see this.
Ross isn’t the only one on this board to fly to Hawaii this year, just sayin’. (My trip may have been a little bit less arduous). :)

We'll ride the airlines to Hawaii later this month. Second trip this year. Another one late in January. Kauai is lovely. #29 in terms of trips to Hawaii coming up, most to Kauai.

Oh, a bit late to the party, but congratulations on the RtW trip being complete.
This just popped into my video feed, my apologies if it has already been posted elsewhere as it's a couple weeks old:
It must have been cold that day. Not that I have any complaints.