July 28, 1985

My first flight lesson, thirty-seven years ago today. A few weeks shy of my 16th birthday.

N757QN (C-152)

How time flies…

Ha! Linden, my current GA stomping grounds!

Congrats, man.
And I'd turned a year old not that long ago, across the river in Manhattan. Small world. :)

Congrats, what an adventure that lesson's turned into.
My first flight lesson was when I was 12…other than that, I have no memory of it. I think I remember the date that I passed my Private Pilot checkride, but I definitely remember the date that I took my Private Pilot written. It just happened to be the day my dad crashed his spray plane, and when my brother, cousin, and I got home from our written tests, we had to help pick the airplane up out of the field.
I was working a project just south of KAPC, and one day decided to go over there just to sniff around a bit. The next thing I knew, I was up in a 152 getting my first flight lesson.
Just checked. 7/19/90 was my first flight; a little over 16 years old.
I never realized it but my first flight was on April 1st. I guess the April fools joke was flying in a high wing. What a fool I was.
I just had my 9 year anniversary of my first solo on Tuesday. 7/26/13.

2A0 Airport
Ha! Linden, my current GA stomping grounds!

Congrats, man.
That’s awesome. I grew up pretty close to LDJ.

I started flying there when they had the two runways. Man, I feel old!
Congratulations. I took my first flight lesson on my 16th birthday in 1972. June 14th marked 50 years in aviation.

I'm in my retirement years now a days & instructing full time hoping to recapture some of the funds I've frittered away.
7/17/03 was my first lesson (non discovery flight) so next year will be 20 years. Unfortunately didn't finish my license until 2016.
11/23/03 - 1st lesson
11/10/04 - PPL checkride
01/15/05 - high performance endorsement
03/05/04 - aerobatics course with former naval aviator
05/24/05 - 1st instrument lesson
05/28/05 - received both spin and tailwheel endorsements - haven’t flown a TW since :-(
12/09/05 - instrument airplane checkride
08/25/08 - complex airplane endorsement

Kind of a fun ride down memory lane going thru the log book!
Since July 28, 1985 was a Sunday, I was probably at a race track somewhere.
49 years ago in May, for me. In a 1967 C172, only six years old! Nice, fairly new airplane. How many students get instruction six-year-old 172s now?