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Went in for a cataract consult today. My doctor was pushing them really hard. She indicated that without the multifocals, I'll be constantly switching between two pairs of glasses for mid and near vision. She also said you can't really go back in and switch lenses if you are unhappy with your first choice. I'm a very active person who does multiple sports, including watersports, with a computer job. I was prepared to go with the single focus iols and just readers for close work but needing glasses for mid range as well seems a little extreme? I'm only 47 so if this is really a one and done deal, I want to get it right the first time.

Do you folks with the distance only iols really need 2 kinds of glasses all the time?
I do med clearances weekly for cataract extraction with IOL. Patients asks me all the time confused of what the best choice is. Buddy of mine is a eye dr as well
Who I often ask this question to.
First off it is a one and done procedure. Technically can be redone but very difficult.
For the most part- the basic lens is all people need. There are very infrequent exceptions that a multi focal lens makes sense. Very few.
There is a big upsell in lens that is just what it is. You probably saw the price points on them and it is serious dough to go multifocal.
Multifocal's have advantages and disadvantages. As a retired ophthalmologist, I will have a single vision IOL and wear trifocals like I have done for 35 yrs. I’m not about to try and adapt to halos or other distortion. Luckily, my vision is still excellent, but my time will come(if I’m lucky). A second opinion by a surgeon who does not have a monetary incentive might be of value.
Get a regular lens. The others are a big upgrade in cost for not much benefit .
I did monofocal and wear readers as needed. I was offered the multifocal, but the dr did not push them hard. The deciding point for me was when he said he still could not guarantee I would not need some kind of glasses.

Similarly, my sister indulged in the lenses that were supposed (but again not guaranteed) to correct her astigmatism also. Didn’t work.

47 sounds young tho. Your situation may be different.
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I tried just distance lenses and tried to get by. I don't really need readers (at 60!) but I can't see jack up close with distance lenses on anymore. To make a long story short I went back to progressives. I buy them off the internet to lessen the pain.
When it's my time (which shan't be too far into the future) I'm gonna get what mimics what I have now, which is a more-or-less -6.0 single vision setup. That way, I can still read a book up against my face. I'm used to wearing glasses, so little will change.
I'd be more concerned that your doctor thinks you'd need multiple glasses, and progressives wouldn't give you near, mid, and distance in one pair.

She either has limited real-world experience or is getting a bonus for the multi focals.

Hate to say it, but I suggest a second opinion at a different office. This just doesn't sound right.

47 is young for lens replacement. Early cataracts?
I waited way too long to get it done and I was shocked at how I was able to fly at all before the IOLs.

Don't wait. Get it done. It's worth it.

BTW, mine are replaceable. I did have to go in and get some "scar tissue" burned off with a Laser recently. Again, I was surprised by how my vision had slowly degraded over a few years...
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