How can I delete my account

What if you don't do anything and just don't log in any more?

I've seen how people delete all of their posts on a forum (and someone else may have already quoted it) but some forums don't allow that with the initial post in a thread. You might need an admin to delete some things, but even that doesn't make it completely go away as someone might have saved it in a recoverable form.
Just quit posting and don’t come back, if that is what you desire. There is really no benefit in deleting your account.
By now the FAA lurkers have already downloaded your posts, so what’s the point?

Besides, why would you want to leave? Don’t you like us anymore?
With the little number of posts ,you can’t have upset to many of us already. Just unfollow the group. Good luck.
That's it! I'm done!! I'm outta here!!!

...until tomorrow.
Of course what the OP forgets (or never knew) is that Google knows all.

"wannabepilot2332 pilot"