Free to a good home: Bose X yokes

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    FREE TO A GOOD HOME - One set of Bose X Headset yokes (L+R).

    I recently got access to some 3D printers. For test runs I naturally searched up "aviation" on and this is what came up.

    Here's the caveats:
    • They're fresh off the FDM 3D printer
      • They'll need a little bit of cleanup with sandpaper/Xacto/drillbits/etc
    • They're printed in PLA
      • They're black so don't expect an exact color match (factory is sorta dark grey)
      • They'll probably last a couple years but probably not several generations
    • Promise me that you really need them and aren't just hoarding them
      • If you only need one, please pass along the extra to someone else
    If I ever get the chance, I'd like to try printing these in resin on the SLA printer. Someday...