Free Flight Time? Plan Shelved For Now.

Is the car in Anchorage, Alaska?

There are many important details missing.
most of the time I know what people are talking about. this is not one of those times.
Near Lake Geneva, WI, to an airport North of Green Bay. I'm just looking for plan C.
Let me get this straight. You want me to drive your car to northern Wisconsin from … where? somewhere else in Wisconsin, yo will fly up and get me and I get to log the time coming back? Hmm. What kind of plane? I log sole manipulator and you act as PIC?

Devil/Details. I can’t do it anyway, too far away. Just trying to understand the scenario.
I would do this in a heartbeat. Alas I’m in New Jersey headed to North Carolina this weekend. Hope you find someone!
Why don't you start over with actual details, time frame, what the heck is involved, what the "mission" is, etc. None of us have any idea what you're talking about.
My Mom lives in the Northern U.P. of Michigan . I’m just trying to bringer her a car.

Don’t worry, I have plan A & B already. I was just looking for another option.
FAA says that logged time that is free is compensation.
Yeah, plan C on hold now. Since no big hurry, Little need to have the car halfway up for a period of time.
My lovely wife sends messages like this all the time, not only to me but to her coworkers too. I'm very often left scratching my head..... I keep telling her to use her words.

Not meant as a slight to the OP..... I'm sure it made sense in your head when you wrote it. With my wife, it's not about education or intelligence, I think it's about rushing and maybe just a little laziness in an effort to be efficient and brief. I tend to go the other way as reflected in many of my posts...too many words in an effort to be clear...and I still sometimes don't get the point across the way I want.