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Jul 12, 2008
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I bought my old 1970 Cessna 180H 4 years ago as a dumb 23 year old out of a barn south of Detroit. That journey was chronicled here:

4 years of blood, sweat, tears and gobs and gobs of AMU's and the airplane is reborn. My wife @Mtns2SkiesBetterHalf and I took on this resto-mod with the interest of keeping it as original as possible, but with modern concessions for safety and usability to preserve the original mission.

There were huge set-backs, but we pushed through:

Every system has been gone through with a fine-tooth comb, from pitot-static, fuel system, electrical system all modernized. Big ticket items were taken care of from prop, avionics, landing gear, interior and most recently paint. Paint was agonized over several times:

But I can finally say that my plane is "done".

Now enjoy some before and after pictures.
PXL_20220424_000901808.jpg PXL_20220424_000754914.jpg PXL_20220424_000618693.jpg PXL_20220424_000423157_2 (1).jpg
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I’ll still never not like that original green better:)

I’ll still never not like that original green better:)
Turns out it wasn't possible to match. The original company that made the paint is long defunct and there wasn't an inch that wasn't faded on the original scheme. In just the right light the blue has a tinge of green in it :).
Having been through this process a few times, 4 years is about what I found is the normal period for a flying restoration. So, your timing tracks. Good job, it looks great!
Looks fantastic man, congrats!
yep, very nice!
I'd love to be in a position to do a refurb project like that.

What are those black brackets/holders on each side?
Looks great! $500,000 airplane these days! Any before/after weight & balance numbers? I imagine anything south of 1800 lbs is pretty good!
I like the blue! Very nice airplane!
VERY NICE!! You did a great job on her.

Of course, you put the wing in the wrong place, but otherwise it looks like a fine plane.
Absolutely beautiful
From what I am seeing in the market, you might be able to sell right now and make a profit; Possibly making you the first person in history to actually do so on a plane refurb. :D
It’s a crazy market. I can confirm he wouldn’t be the first but possibly the second. :)

Nice job @Mtns2Skies !!
I'll never have a plane that's "done" again. Last time I did, two months later it was truly "done".

My mom used to say that about houses, too. She said that every time she'd finally remodeled everything to the way she wanted it, it was moving time within a few months!
Dang, I did my 20's wrong! Spent them being a broke regional pilot, should have been doing this! Nice work, looks great. One of the best small family planes around.
You flying up to Oshkosh? I'd love the opportunity to ogle your aircraft.