Doc Bruce - DIY Oxygen system

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    Good information to know, and logical. Out of curiosity we might throw the adult one on him just to see what the numbers are (if it will even give a reading on his little fingers), and understand not to take much stock in the numbers.


    Sound, practical advice from the good doctor... as always.

    I'll just not bother buying a specific child POX. As I said, we're not intended on hitting oxygen levels anyway, but do have the appropriate equipment. If we hit the practical limit above, we're descending or landing anyway.
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    Adult sized pulse oximetry sensors will not reliably pick up signals from an infant, so do NOT use an adult sized device on a four month old. Further, to expose an infant to hypoxaemia to the degree that he/she vomits - amounts to child abuse..
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    Flavius Renatus
    Hi Everyone,

    I just put a system similar to this together and here are the parts, and updated cost breakdown:

    1. 43 Cubit Foot Steel Oxygen Cylinder (filled) $143.50 (Purchased at a Welding Supply Store)
    2. Oxygen Regulator $90.00 (Purchased at a Welding supply store)
    3. 1/4 inch hose 8ft. $5.12 (Purchased at a welding supply store)
    4. 2 X Nipple 1/4 $1.32 (Purchased at a welding supply store)
    5. 2 X Ferrule .593X1 $1.20 (Purchased at a welding supply store)
    6. 2 X Nut, oxygen Hose B-Size, Female, Hex. Right Hand Thread TPI- 9/16"-18 CGA-022, 200 PSIG $1.20 (4, 5, & 6 need to be assembled and crimped on the hose) (Purchased at a welding supply store)
    7. Roll of oxygen safe Teflon tape $3.50 (don't know if this is really necessary but figured it could not hurt) (Purchased from WW Grainger Inc)
    8. Western Industries Part number B-50 (CGA-540 male to 1/4 NPT male) fitting $5.00 (Ordered from Praxair)
    9. Western Industries Part Number 244 (1/4 female to male "B") fitting $5.00 (Ordered from Praxair)
    10. Sky Ox Regulator (4-place) $329.06 (Purchased from
    11. 4 X Cannula Case $40 (Purchased from
    12. 4 X Oxymizer Cannulas W/2757 and flow indicator $229.32 (Purchased from
    13. Oxi Go Pulse Oximeter $44.99 (Purchased from
    14. Buckeye Fire Equipment Fire extinguisher Bracket $78.00 (to hold Bottle in Cargo Area, this gives you a flat surface when you strap the bottle down) (Purchased at WW Grainger)

    Total complete system Cost : $977.21

    To put it together, place the Welding Regulator on the Oxygen Bottle, run the hose from the Regulator to the front of the cockpit, on the other end of the hose put Part number 244 then Part number B-50, now you can attach the Sky Ox Regulator on the end. Hook your cannulas up and you are ready.

    Before start-up, turn on Oxygen Bottle, then adjust the Regulator (remember to do it in that order and reverse to turn off). With the Skyox Regulator now up front, you can control when and how much Oxygen is needed for you and your passengers.

    I have not tested this yet, but it should work as planned.

    I don't think I saved a lot or any money doing it this way, but having control of the system up front while the Bottle is in back is worth the hassle of putting it all together.

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    Nasal cannula = 2 to 6 lpm
    Mask = 4 to 10
    Rebreather mask (bag attached) you can run 10 to 15.

    Watch your pulseox and keep above 90%.

    But if you get dizzy or feel very "anxious", and pulseox says 98 to 100% you may need to cut back to prevent hyperventilation.