Commercial written question bank same as BGI and/or AGI


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Sep 17, 2011
Port St Lucie, FL
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I am wondering if the BGI and/or AGI questions for the written come from the same bank as the private/commercial. I am preparing to take my commercial written and figured I'd knock out the other test(s) at the same time while the info is fresh in my mind.

I already have the IGI, therefore won't need to take the FOI written.
Yes, they pretty much do. There may be a couple of non-airplane questions on them, but not enough to bust you if you know the airplane material cold. Also, there's no need to take the BGI if you're prepared to take the AGI -- it's not like PP/CP where you have to get the PP first and then get the CP. You can just take the AGI, then fill out the paperwork and hand it in with your GI-I certificate, and they'll issue a new GI certificate with Advanced and Instrument ratings issued, giving you all GI privileges possible.
It's pretty much the same question bank. There will be a few different questions but you should be fine.