Bargain basement 175 only 6.9 million

The price is a bit high but it is a cool airport!

I grew up in that area and flew mostly out of O61 - Cameron Park. My father built the FBO and many of the homes in the airpark there.
Always do a photo for posterity.
$69,500 doesn't seem like a bad price at all without opening the ad.

*ETA: Oooo, with a 470 upgrade. That would be sporty.
Sure, that may seem like a lot. But break it down to a 20 year loan, and it becomes a very manageable $53k per month.

One of the features is "Hooker shoulder harnesses"

So many things that can be said about that, so little time......

(Such as "Does this mean it was used a lot in Las Vegas?)
Well, it might seem high, but when you factor in the street value of what’s stashed in the tail,....
That's just good sales tactics 101. Start your asking price high and then meet halfway. The buyer will think he/she gets a deal somewhere around the $3M-$4M mark.
It’s hard to put a price tag on that engine upgrade.
Should cross post this in the thread about hitting the top.
My grandfather said that when he left Italy, he needed a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread. It looks like the lira value fell about 100 times in value after the war compared to prior.
It does have the GO replaced with an O-470.