Anybody else having issues with not staying logged in?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the bug in their software with regard to development mode in XF. It's a known problem and they really should fix it.

I'll try not to leave the forum in development mode (necessary to commit changes) any longer than necessary from now on.
I’ve been getting a string of error messages when I post a PM. Is it just me?
Just in case this may be relevant to this problem.

I noticed that PoA has changed its URL from:-

round about the same time as the upgrade. I guess it was part of the upgrade. Now the old URL is fine on a browser and it gets automagically changed, however maybe it upsets some of these apps?

I noticed it because my custom blocker filters died.

Why do I use filters? Well I like less clutter and for short messages the total screen height of messages is reduced. I also block long signatures. I recently discovered that there is an off switch for signatures and I may just do that because there are so many gigantic ones now.

I might put the "Location" back, one day soon.