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    I am hoping I can get some advice from some of you out there regarding my medical. In June 2018 I went to see an AME for my 1st class medical. In short he deferred my medical to be reviewed by the FAA because I was being seen by the VA for ptsd/anxiety. Yes I'm a combat vet, and after my service I went to flight school. Anywho I was being seen at the VA for about 1.5 years about once a month for counseling .I was on a couple medications for sleep and nightmares. However I've been medication free and treatment free for about 9 - 10 months. I received a letter from the FAA stating I will need to do a psych eval by a psychiatrist who has experience with aerospace. So I live in small town between two other small towns, and the only person who I understand can do this wants to charge 2500.00 for a 2 hour eval and is on the other one of the state. Has anyone gone through this before? I did get my basic med in the meantime but is there any other way to take care of this without spending all this money. Any advice would be great. Thanks and happy new year.
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    Find yourself a HIMS AME and for that money you go to a HIMS certified forensic psych known to FAA. You may have to travel. The HIMS AMEs can’t disclose the list, but they know to get the psych your FAA record and all your VAH records.(PS the FAA record- you can get but the psych’s copy has to never go through you. We have some truly pathetic stories about airmen “editing “ of the file.

    It expensive because (1) OCare doesn’t cover this as healthcare because it isn't healthcare. He (2) isn’t going to “make you better”.

    It’s all risk, to the Psychiatrist.