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Oct 16, 2021
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Ok so while filling out my application I rushed through, marked no to everything including the question of medical discharge from military. My military discharge has always been a bit of a mystery to me, I was in for a very short time. 2 months, injured, injury didn’t heal fast enough, got pretty bummed out about it and then got sent home. My discharge type is listed as “uncharacterized”. When I asked what this meant upon leaving the military I was told “it’s like you were never even here”. So I took that seriously and wrote no on all the question on the exam. Well then I got to thinking about it later and actually pulled out my old army file to see what the paper work actually said. Well turns out a few line below where it says uncharacterized it does in fact say I was discharged for medical reason. So I panicked a bit and ran to the Internet for guidance. Internet showed multiple posts of people saying AME could fix mistakes before submitting. Whew, bullet dodged. I’ll just take my medical records with me and get AME to fix. But once I got there she said there was no way for her to change anything, but assured me it was no big deal. Told me the FAA would call me in two weeks to discuss my medical stuff and that I’d get the medical cleared no problem. Question 1, was she right when she said she couldn’t change it? Has anyone else had their AME change stuff before? 2. Am I worried for nothing?
Well up until you gave her the code and she opened it, you could have just filled out a new application with another email. That ship has sailed. Alas, your AME seems to be an idiot. Two weeks is an incredible amount of optimism, and they're going to mail you not call. However, a physical injury that you've recovered from something isn't going to be an issue in the long term. You're just gotten into a bit of a delay.
from what I understand from conversations with my AME, they can change entries on the form if during the exam they feel that the entry is not correct. IE you checked yes, but the AME feels that that was the wrong decision given the medical information that he/she has. BUT once they submit the form as a completed exam, then its in FAA's hands.
We can change an entry but the FAA will demand to see the discharge and then will inquire as to what the condition that didn't heal was. Some cana be certified on an office functional exam, but if it's psychiatry, WATCH OUT!
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