Animal Rescue 15 large dogs Amarillo/Dallas to Montana late October

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Aug 18, 2015
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I have been on Pilots & Paws for a couple years now, but am reaching out to POA now for special assistance. The complexity in this trip is the number of dogs coupled with the distance.

I am in contact with a rescue organization based in the southwest that is looking to move 15 pit bull rescues from Amarillo Texas to Sweetwater Montana. They have the resources to transport them to Dallas, so the DFW Metroplex and areas in between can all be starting points. October 25 is the target date.

Let me know if this is something you can help with. I’m located in the Midwest and have a 182, so I’m pretty much useless as a pilot on this trip, just trying to help as a coordinator on this one.
Pull out the rear seats. I bet you could get a few dogs in there! Keep me informed. I’m a possible
This sounds like a truck project, not airplane.

What do they do with pit bulls in Montana? Too nasty to herd sheep or cattle.

Yes, they’ve got vans & trailers; They’re looking for a less stressful way to get them transported part way if possible. I got connected with them through a local-to-me rescue.

Dogs are going to Canada, via Sweetwater, MT. Apparently shelters in parts of Canada are less full than those in the southern US, so there is more “demand and less supply” as it were.

Answer depends on weights and size of dogs to be transported. can you provide details and photos?

John, I have 3 large crates (for dogs the size of Mercy and Merlin) and several mediums and smalls.

Most 40-60 lbs.

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Any others from the DFW metroplex interested in taking this on?
Elvis seems cool, but I’m weary of rescue pits with unknown histories.

Had a pit mix as a kid, had him since a puppy (like hampster size) I rescued, great running buddy, super athletic, but even though he knew nothing but love his hole life he still would occasionally get aggressive one on one around another male dog, but go hiking with him off leash with a bunch of other dogs, no problem. Only dog I’ve ever had that was like that.
Man , Cloud 9 could do it in one run, otherwise this is really a better ground run.
I did reach out to Cloud 9 (Ted) who now does his work through Wings of Rescue. I also reached out to Wings of Rescue. I’ve learned that they only work with a limited number of specific rescue places.

Working on long-range and large number transports through Pilots-n-Paws is pretty difficult and has a low success rate, just because of the format and how we GA pilots operate (it’s asking a lot of the coordinators and especially the pilots who are volunteering time, tach hours, and fuel)...just a tough one to coordinate.

That’s why I decided to take a shot here. I’m not holding my breath though.