1. Boundary Waters

    Luscombe Weight and Balance

    I recently purchased part of an 8A... It was an aircraft well known to me and it was undergoing a rather major annual, which explains how the funds I had available to invest got me in the door. (I just completed my Private in a Taylorcraft, so I am "untainted" by electrical systems or...
  2. H

    Weight of GFC 500 installed?

    Hi all, I'm thrilled to be a co-owner of a PA-28-151. We just got the plane and started to think about upgrades. It's something about boys and new gadgets... :) One of the things we are discussing is a new autopilot and we are looking to get a Garmin GFC 500. In addition to the GFC 500 we also...
  3. Ray Jr

    Extra 330 Normal Category

    Hi All, I'm wondering about loading passengers in an extra and doing aerobatics. The following are weights for an Extra 330 LT. A full acro tank weighs about 100 lbs. typ. equipped empty weight 1.493 lbs / 677 kg MTOW normal category (+6/-3g) 2.095 lbs / 950 kg MTOW two-pilot...
  4. Ignacio Allende

    Weight gain over years

    It seems every weight & balance from factory can seldom be kept up in time. But interiors are getting lighter, as well as avionics and instruments. Even if the plane has damage history it had to be repaired with the same parts, no add-ons. Surely adding extra equipment to the original list will...
  5. B

    Runway Analysis Chart

    Is anyone familiar with these performance charts in this PDF attachment? I understand it more or less, but I would like a blow by blow instruction on how to use it if possible, especially the landing performance chart.