1. Jonny Sprague

    Wanted: Partnership Partnership Near KCAK,KYNG,KTSO,3G6,38D(NE Ohio)

    Hello, My name is Jonny and I am A 23 year old Private Pilot with High performance and Complex Endorsements. I have about 175 hours and climbing weekly in 2 types of Piper Aircraft, PA-32 and PA-28. I am currently working on getting my Instrument rating and am looking at completing the training...
  2. InterXtra

    Want To Buy Savage Aircrafts & Engines

    Looking for turboprop and jet aircrafts and engines on salvage condition to teardown and part out. Also considering inventories for sale. Ready to buy. lsanders@jetsupport.com Regards.
  3. L

    Wanted: Aircraft Ercoupe Wanted

    were looking to get a ercoupe I am located in Oklahoma If you have one for sale please post your photos here along with any info Thank you
  4. F

    Want To Buy Tri gear low hr SMOH, 4 place i.e. 172, 177, Arrow

    Looking to purchase a 4 place with low hours SMOH. Fixed gear and decent avionics. If you have one to sell send plane details, location, price and pictures. To kmbt@outlook.com Thank you!!
  5. stevenhmiller

    Wanted: Aircraft Piper Archer II or III

    I'm looking to buy a 1977 or newer Piper Archer (II or III). I'd like a low TTAF. Engine time doesn't matter, and avionics doesn't matter, so long as price reflects accordingly. Obviously engine at TBO or original outdated avionics equals lower price, whereas very low engine time and/or updated...
  6. N

    WANTED: used DME

    I am looking to buy either a King KN-62 or KN-64 DME, or Narco 890. If you have something lying around from an upgrade, or just don't use it anymore and want to free up panel space, let me know!