1. ArrowFlyer86

    Chicago to Santa Monica - routing

    Flying from Chicago (KDPA) to Santa Monica (KSMO) in a single engine piston, what route would you take? (PA28R200) The route I'm considering is essentially Chicago -> El Paso -> Tucson -> Phoenix -> Santa Monica. I really propose this path since I've done the trek to PHX a couple times using...
  2. R

    Experience in DTW Class B?

    Hi All - Planning a flight from PA to Michigan. Most direct routing will take me right through DTW Class B airspace from SE to NW, about 8-10 mi W of DTW. Wanted to ask those with experience if they will allow that, if there is a "preferred" route, etc. I don't see any "VFR Flyways"...
  3. Andrew

    Will FlyQ ever have procedures routing on the flightplan?

    Just getting back to flying after a couple years off... I've had a lifetime subscription to FlyQ for quite a while, and thought they'd have procedures routing added to the flightplan by now. Maybe there's some patent issue or something, but being able to add procedure routing to the magenta...
  4. JH35209

    Routing advice for ferrying Piper Archer from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

    Hi all, this is my first post to the forum. I'm purchasing a PA28-181 (Archer III) in Philadelphia and will be flying it home to Orange County (just south of Los Angeles) at the end of October. The plane's service ceiling is about 11,000 MSL. Given the time of year and desire to avoid the...
  5. N1120A

    LAX Mini Route sporadically being given again

    KSMO was departing Runway 3 due to some strong winds, but LAX was still west. Someone asked for the Mini and got it, so I asked for it as well, since I know IFR is nearly impossible off 3 and it was clear. Low and behold, they got me one too. LAX controller was very nice and I thanked him for...
  6. M

    Routing to ksna, fbo recommendation

    Hi all, I’ll be heading down to ksna soon from the north and hoped to learn what I should expect. Does SoCal generally let the pilot choose the klax transition, as in, can I ask for the coastal route and expect to get it if weather permits? Also, what is typical routing into ksna after you...