1. C

    For Sale: Partnership Cirrus SR-22T at Rocky Mountain (KBJC) - Fly 1/4 Share With No Equity Buy-In

    * share available August 1, 2023 * I am looking for pilots to share in this beautiful, meticulously maintained 2007 Cirrus SR-22 Turbo. Fly like a 1/4 partner with a monthly & hourly lease and no equity buy in. $1,300 per month covers all costs (hangar, charts, base insurance) and includes 3...
  2. HurricaneHannah

    Obtaining Hours

    Hey guys! New member here. I am currently a commercial student, and wanting to fly as much as possible. Outside of buying an airplane, I wanted to get advice on what some good routes are as far as airplane rental vs flight clubs, etc. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  3. C

    Another rent vs buy for PPL...

    I have read a number of threads on here covering this topic but the threads seem to mostly cover someone buying their "forever plane" and training for PPL. My question is different (I think.) I am wondering about buying a trainer. I am brand spanking new to flying (2 hours). I don't want to...
  4. LLeigh

    For Sale Seeking hangar space near Olympia WA

    Looking for a hangar or shared hangar space to rent near Olympia, WA. Have been placed on several wait lists and sure would appreciate any leads. Thank you.
  5. xma

    For Sale Cirrus SR20 or SR22 dry-lease wanted

    I’m a high time ATP and CFI, looking to dry-rent or lease a Cirrus (G1000 equipped would be preferred) for a 60 hour block on the East Coast. Need it this week until August 15th. Anyone interested please PM me.
  6. A

    For Sale: Club Membership Cirrus SR20 Gen 2 at LZU

    Cirrus SR20 Gen 2 with WAAS GPS, DFC90 autopilot/flight director, NGT 9000 ADS-B. Dual Avidyne displays (PFD &MFD) hangared at LZU.
  7. Alex Batista

    Rent or Own before IFR?

    So it’s been said that an Instrument rating will lower an Airplane Owner’s Insurance cost which is why some people advice to be Instrument rated before buying. But Owning an airplane may reduce the training cost while going for your IFR rating. So, comparing apples to apples, would it make more...
  8. blurceo

    Looking for Hangar Rental Information-Space Coast FL

    Hey Everyone, I may be relocating to the space coast area. (is Melbourne part of space coast?) Looking for some information on what hanger rent is in the area. I will be living in Melbourne and be working at the Melbourne airport. But I'm sure the airport hanger are probably out of my price...