1. Sac Arrow

    Clean cut pizzas

    So I'm standing in bookkeeper's office signing some things, or whatever is it that I do, which isn't very much. Anyway, that part of it is irrelevant. She's in the middle of placing an online order for a pizza, for lunch. That part of it is relevant. "What the hell is clean cut?" "Huh?" "Yeah...
  2. Sac Arrow

    Sac's Rant Thread [rant]

    Apparently, I've been dropping the ball, and not five days ago in Time's Square. So, I'll just throw out a few of my latest rants here. The 2/3d's Rule Dr. Garstein is a professor of literary fiction. He can put the Hemingway in the sheet of stories sewn together in a fabric of words...
  3. RJM62

    Low-Carb Lavash Bread Pizza

    20 grams net carbs total. 3.33 grams/slice. Rich
  4. RJM62

    Pizza Eggs