medical help

  1. U

    Getting my Medical back

    Hello guys, I'm a 16 y/o working on my PPL, some stuff has happened regarding school and I had to get a psychological evaluation from a doctor given to me by my school. I also had a DVT a few months ago and had to renew my medical because of this. Now a month ago I was reported to the FAA for...
  2. L

    Medical Wait Time!

    Hey all, Hope this finds all of you folks well. Anyhow, I’m sort of curious about the backlog of the FAA. Frankly I’ve heard it all (10 weeks - 200 days) as far as the ranges go for review. But foremost I should provide some detail, I’m following SSRI pathway 1 due to some situational anxiety...
  3. A

    Medical issue

    So long story short is that I used to be depressed and I had to take lexapro and I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. It started originally in High school when it was the worst to the point of withdrawing from school but I left after my sophomore year (2018) and did online...
  4. C

    Can I Pass My Medical While On Suboxone And AntiDepressants

    Im on suboxone and drug clean for about a year, im also an wellbutrin for depression. Ive heard of HIMS but i dont want to go in thinking i'll pass and than fail it because i assume that would not allow me to continue until ive been off suboxone for a certain number of months or something of...
  5. C

    FAA MedXPress Approval Delay

    Good afternoon all, My oldest son was accepted to a pilot school, however we are still waiting on the FAA MedXPress approval to come through. We have been waiting since 8-9-22. He has been calling at least twice a week to follow up and is just told they are busy and it is taking longer than...
  6. J

    Guidance Needed.

    I need some guidance on what I can do from here.... I started flight training over 14 years ago and had already passed medical then but due to certain circumstances, I stopped pursuing obtaining my pilots license at that time. Fast forward to now, I am trying to finish up my flight training and...
  7. S

    HIMS AME Neuro-cogscreen & medical help

    Hello all, recently I was deferred for my class 1 medical due to my use of 1 SSRI (Lexapro). *I want to get a class 1 medical first to see if I'm even elegiable to fly for the airlines as a career in the future*. I got the dreaded letter in the mail from the FAA requesting I go to see a HIMS...
  8. JakeTrilla

    Chances with Adjustment Disorder

    This is an issue I have looked around for, but I understand each case is different, so here's my story/question to "random pilot strangers" on the internet... Overall I want to know generally what to expect (maybe we don't know because the FAA is an unpredictable agency) I came home from...
  9. L

    cyclothemia diagnosis

    hi everyone! I have always wanted to become a pilot. I have now reached a place in my life where I am able to pursue the goal. However, I was diagnosed with cyclothemya about two years ago. I have always felt this was misdiagnosed as it coincided with avery painful event for my family. I took...
  10. Becca Steele

    Issues with Medical

    Hoping to get some advice from someone who knows or someone has been through this process in the past. I recently put getting my pilots license on the back burner, after finding out I’m most likely going to have some serious hold ups with getting my 3rd class medical. Long story short, my...
  11. A

    Medical First Exam & ADHD

    Any recommendations on AME’s?
  12. B

    I think I really messed up. Please Help

    Hello I think I really messed up on my medical and I'm afraid it could be revoked. In 2008 I got a dui but didn't even start flying until 2013. It was difficult to get my first medical but I did. I reported it again on my second and third. On my third year my doctor told me that since I had...
  13. T

    Medical Certificate with PTSD

    So after 4 months of review I have finally received the official letter from the FAA that my medical has been denied since I have been diagnosed with PTSD. Long story short, I was involved in a natural gas explosion involving a crematory at a funeral home. Due to pending litigation, I required a...
  14. R

    Special Issuance problemo...need advice

    Hey all, I have nowhere else to turn, and you all have proven to be a great source of information and advice. I am a private pilot w/instrument rating who has been flying since Summer 2016. I absolutely love it. I had to fight through red tape and nonsense to get my 3rd class medical. It took me...