1. H

    Kit storage time

    Hi folks. I want to build a plane someday (not decided on the brand yet) but was wondering for how long can the crates be stored?. Since kit prices are always coming up, I'm considering to order now and store it for a 3-5 year period. Is that too much? What could be the risk of storing for that...
  2. S

    Van's RV Kit

    Hey guys. I want to buy an RV Kit. The lead times for these kits are getting ridiculous to purchase from Van's site. I would prefer an aerobatic, side by side seating, nosewheel kit like a 6a or 7a or 14a. Please, if you know anyone trying to get rid of their kits please bring them to me.
  3. S

    For Sale Carlson Saprrow Ultralight

    Greetings from Libby Montana! I love my Carlson Sparrow but am putting it up for sale so I can get a 2 place light sport. My wife is interested in flying with me now that she sees how much fun I'm having. anyway here's a video of the Sparrow. I also have a partially built Sparrow kit for sale...
  4. kc4wsd

    Looking for a 1:100 scale CRJ-700 . . .

    . . . or possibly a '900, BUT . . . what I'm specifically interested in is a GoJet model plane or a kit. As a bit of explanation, my son is wrapping up ATP school, and we're planning a surprise for him and I'm trying to find a '700 or '900 that represents the Delta regional carrier, GoJet. I've...
  5. easik

    Kit Build/Experimental For Less Than $50K

    Someone asked the other day on the current state of GA and my answer was "cost". LSA and Experimental are supposed to be low entry level for flying. Yet just about every LSA I've covered are selling north of $200K fully loaded. So I'll like to make a list of experimental aircraft you can build...