g5 hsi

  1. M

    ILS Course Setting

    Hi, I've noticed in some recent approach practicing that the GTN 750 Xi in my airplane loads course degrees on the ILS off by around 2 degrees to what is charted on the plate sometimes (sending it to a G5). My question is two-parted: 1. Given how ILS signals work, does the course setting...
  2. imwithtuxedo

    Dual G5 or GI275 install cost estimates

    I know the difference between the G5 and GI275 units and their respective high and low points, such as having to keep my vacuum AI with the G5’s to run autopilot, but looking for cost estimates only with interfaces with common equipment to the below: Piper Cherokee 180E Avidyne 440 Piper...
  3. Maina

    upgrade... kind of

    I am looking at adding 2-G5's and gfc 500 to my 182P. It has existing 430W which I like and keeping, it has GTX 345, and old kx 170B that comm works and nav doesn't. I am thinking of swapping KX for GNS 420(nonWAAS) as it is same price and new comm plus it would have gps back up capability if...
  4. S

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    A Garmin GPS-400W SN 23120537 and G5 SN 4JQ020770 were fraudulently obtained via online credit card fraud by an individual in Montreal Quebec. The person appears to be auctioning them on eBay. Ask for serial numbers before you buy either of these units. They will be reported to Garmin and...
  5. JScarry

    Garmin GTX 335 as WAAS source for G5

    On the Aircraft Spruce website the FAQ for the GTX 335 says that a software update is in the works for using the 335 as a WAAS source for a G5. According to the Garmin website, they are on version 2.12 now. Does anyone know if the updates allow it to be used as a WAAS source? Can you use the...
  6. A

    G5 and 430W

    I believe I am understanding correctly, but for those that have completed the install, a GAD29B is required for a G5 HSI to read to GPS data from the 430W, correct? I am hearing from some that the GAD29B is not required, but based on Garmin's install manual, I think only the VHF info can be...