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  1. T

    What would you do? Part 61 or 141

    Instrument Training: A. Would you fly Part 141-35 dual (21/14) hours for $10,000 at a towered airport? B. would you fly Part 61- 25 dual hours and 20 hours xc safety pilot $10,000 at a non-towered airport? I’m torn between experience at a towered airport or the higher amount of hours for...
  2. J

    For Sale Newly minted private pilot in Seattle looking for club/share

    Greetings all, Now with the PPL in hand and 100+ hours, I'm looking for a group of owners or other arrangement in which I can rent/use an aircraft. I've been using a 172, and would be most interested in finding a group with a 177 or other 4 seat Cessna. Not sure how easy it is to transition...
  3. T

    NJ Flight Training

    Hi Everyone, I have been dreaming of getting my PPL and I think the time to start pursuing it will open up sometime this year. For some background, I live in Northern NJ and have a good full time job and the money saved up to pursue my license. I would only be pursuing this as a hobby and...
  4. M

    For Sale Club Membership Helena, MT-KHLN

    Selling my share in a club with 5 planes. 1xCessna 150-$36/hr 1xCessna 172-$52/hr 1xCessna 172-180hp $52/hr 1xCessna 182-$79/hr 1xCitabria 7GCBC $50/hr *all prices are WET! $600 down and $80/month dues. Potential to earn $20/month in flight credits...
  5. Avi8or2012

    For Sale: Club Membership Great Club in Chicago Area

    Hey everyone, Fox Flying Club at DPA has just taken delivery of a 2004 Cirrus SR20 which means we are accepting new members!!! Its equipped with the Avidyne PFD/MFD, dual G430W's, STEC55SR autopilot, and a GTX345 ads-b in/out (bluetooth). Thats not all, we have three other airplanes: Cessna...
  6. D

    Flying clubs & leasebacks...

    Anyone here involved in the operations of a flying club that has both owned and leased aircraft? How have you balanced the hourly rates, sinced owned will always be lower than leased?
  7. Aviator_VanLan

    Ft Worth Flight Schools & Flying Clubs

    I have decided to move from Mississippi to Ft Worth, Tx beginning of Feb 2018. I am currently looking at 3 flight schools at Hicks Airfield (T67) - Pro Flight Academy, Meacham Intl Airport - Marcair Aviation and Ft. Worth Alliance - American Pilots Academy. Has anyone heard of these flight...