first plane

  1. J

    Prebuy Mechanic in New England

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy my first plane to start flight training. I currently have a deposit on a 1968 Piper Cherokee 180 and need to find someone who can do a prebuy. Airplane is located at Pease in Portsmouth, NH. Does anyone know a good mechanic who could go there and see if it’s a...
  2. S

    Bought my first airplane. Evektor Sportstar

    Spent 3 nights at the sellers house, great guy. Insurance wanted 5 hours, weather was pretty sucky first couple of days, was able to get 1.5 hours in on the 2nd day, weather eventually cleared up on the 3rd day and was able to do a 3.5 hour cross country to knock at all of the hours. I flew it...
  3. M

    New Pilot First Plane 90's Bonanza F33A

    Hello, Newer pilot here looking for advice on purchasing first plane. I've recently finished PPL and currently building time renting. Looking to buy a plane that I can grow into and use for actual cross country flying in the future. Plan to also do my Instrument on the plane I buy and...
  4. R

    Thinking of Purchasing High Hour First Aircraft

    Hello, I am currently looking at purchasing my first plane. Primary use for this plane will be for training both for myself and my father and possibly other family members as time goes on. The plane is a 1964 Piper Cherokee 140 with the 150hp motor. The paint is 9/10, interior is 10/10...
  5. E

    Thoughts on First Plane Purchase

    Hello fellow Pilots! I am beginning to look into the purchase of my first plane. I have read many of the threads on here regarding plane purchases and expenses. I am ASEL Private and IR rated pilot with close to 200 hours (going to commercial and CFI/CFII next). Over 50 hours in Piper...
  6. Lawson Laslo

    Looking for first plane part 2

    looking for plane under 30k -has control stick instead of yoke -polished, military, or cool paint job -fun plane to fly -has good safety record Thanks Planes I don’t want -luscombe, or zenith because they don’t have good safety record
  7. Wesley Bryant

    Cessna 150H Purchase

    I am looking at purchasing a Cessna 150H. Aviation financing is horrendously difficult to obtain for low priced models and this seller is willing to do owner carried financing. Just because hes willing to do it, doesn't mean I'm just going to jump ship and purchase the thing. It doesn't look...
  8. Dayron Nunez

    Want To Buy 1957 Cessna 172, price?

    Hi folks I'm trying to buy my first aircraft and of course thought of the beloved C172, it will fulfill my mission although there are version that will do it better or worse. I have one aircraft that has been offered to me from someone I know, and I would like to incline towards that one but...
  9. B

    Confused about used aircraft prices

    I'm looking at buying a used family aircraft within the next 2 years. In starting my research I set out my requirements as follows: 1. Carry 4 adults plus weekend baggage 2. Piston powered. 3. Easy maintenance/ good parts availability. (I'm an A&P) 4. IFR grade panel/equipment 5. Max price...