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  1. P

    Commercial Long Cross-Country C150

    Help.. Help.. Help..! FAR 61.129 Cessna 150/ 18G on Fuel Tank, endurance approx 3-4 hrs. cutting corner "How can I do a Commercial Long CX-Country total distance of 300NM with 250NM straight? There is no way possible. CAN I DO FUEL STOP in the middle, is it LEGAL or VALID? Departing from KHWO.
  2. C

    For Sale Multi-Engine Cross Country Training

    Multi=Engine cross country training by Riter Aviation, Nogales, AZ and SOCAL areas. I have just retired from corporate flying and I have a twin engine Piper Seneca II, PA-34-200T, six seater, glass cockpit, and with new interior. I would like to offer doing the advanced cross country...
  3. J

    DPEs: how firm is the >50NM rule? Would distances of 49.5NM be rounded up?

    Hi everyone! I am planning my first solo cross country, and there is one airfield that is 49.5 miles away from my home airport as measured from the geographic centers of both airports. Would KLZU → KTOC be accepted by a DPE as a cross-country? I figure KAHN → KPDK at 48.9 NM is not acceptable...
  4. Jeff Messick

    Student Pilot Solo Cross Country Overnight?

    Hi, student pilot here. I recently bought a Cherokee 6/260 and flew it from South Carolina back to Southern California with my CFI. I am hoping to do my check ride by the end of the month but scheduling may not allow it. I am doing my training in the Bakersfield area (up there during the week...
  5. Ralph Aviles

    Does this flight count for the Comm 300/250NM long XC?

    Does this flight count for the Commercial 300NM/250NM leg long XC day long XC? Flight: KDYB->KFLO->KVQQ->KSGJ - Conditions: IFR, VMC, same day, no overnight, 4.7 hrs total - Leg #1: 73 NM: KDYB->KFLO (Full stop, re-fuel) - Leg #2: 261 NM: KFLO->KVQQ (Touch and Go) - Leg #3: 32 NM...
  6. T

    Mountain Flying VFR/IFR

    Howdy all. I am thinking about whether I should fly my 182 out to the phoenix area or grab an airline ride. I'll be coming in from almost directly east of Phoenix and noticed there were some mountains there. I have multiple hours flying gliders in the mountains in New Mexico, but I've never...
  7. justin jiron

    Free PIC hours to be my safety pilot (KAPA Denver area)

    Hey all.. Do you know anyone trying to build PIC hours? I need a safety pilot so I can get my Instrument Hood time.. I'll pay for the plane, I just need someone to keep an eye out and keep me company.. I pay, you log PIC.. Hopefully someone can help me out? I fly daily (weather permitting)...
  8. jsstevens

    Commercial cross country requirements

    I've got to knock out my commercial solo cross country requirements pretty soon. As I read 14 CFR 61.129 (3) (iii) and (iv) I need a 2 hour day and a 2 hour night cross country that must consist of more than 100nm straight line distance from point of departure. Also, according to 14 CFR...
  9. JH35209

    Routing advice for ferrying Piper Archer from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

    Hi all, this is my first post to the forum. I'm purchasing a PA28-181 (Archer III) in Philadelphia and will be flying it home to Orange County (just south of Los Angeles) at the end of October. The plane's service ceiling is about 11,000 MSL. Given the time of year and desire to avoid the...
  10. A1Topgun

    Bucket list O

    Always wanted to take off and fly around the lower 48 states. Land at least once in every state. Took off yesterday headed to Florida, stopped in Westerly, Rhode Island. Dooney Aviation was a great FBO. Check off RI. Flew west and down the Hudson Exclusion, not the best visibility, but we were...
  11. L

    Is 2.9 HR Hobbs time normal for 1 hr & 36 min of real-time flight time?

    Yesterday, I rented out a Piper Archer and did a quick XC (83 NM [166 NM round trip]) with my friends. When I returned back to home base, I was surprised to see that the Hobbs meter indicated that I was out for 2.9 hr! The flight did not feel like 2.9 hours. After referring to FlightRadar...
  12. B

    Video-I Bought a Pitts S1S and Flew it Across the Country!

    Hi Guys, I've already posted this on several other forums, but I just wanted to share it with anyone who hasn't seen it and might be interested. This is a 'coast to coast' flight I completed over the summer in my Pitts S1S. Apart from comfort, autopilot, and a transponder, this airplane also...
  13. T

    First solo XC - with a harrowing finish!

    This past weekend, I completed my first solo XC flight and I wanted to get some feedback (or criticism) from this esteemed group. I flew from my home towered airport (Class D with no radar services) to another non-towered airport which was 55nm each way. The flight was largely uneventful until...
  14. G


    hey pilots , im training and building time trough my CPL and while holding a 2nd job its still not easy paying for our expensive hobby .. so my question to you is , how did you managed to go trough this stage of trainings and what are you ides to lower the expenses ? do you know any flight...
  15. F

    EPIC 19 -- Air Trip #5

    Hello! My 13yo son and I are getting ready for another big adventure. Here is our plan -- welcome to any suggestions! Plane: 1965 PA-24-260 Gameplan: Mostly relaxed flying LOP ~ 9-11k VFR with IFR capable if needed Just bought Stratux ADS-B to help with weather (thunderstorms) on Ipad, Iphone...
  16. A

    Long Term Planning for a Fast Comfortable Cross Country Plane

    Hi folks, This is my first post as a new user, but I've been lurking for a while now. I'd like to present a scenario that hopefully those on this forum with far more experience will chime in on with recommendations. I've been thinking about this stuff *forever*, so please forgive the long...
  17. A

    How Often are grass runway used, when there is a paved runway?

    Student PPL here, and I have a hypothetical situation at a certain airport which I might encounter, an uncontrolled airport with two runways: 1- Paved runway 14/32 2- grass runway 02/20 Wind will be blowing NNE or NE , anywhere from 15 to 50 degrees, which makes best runway to land is 02...
  18. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs III (+ Turbo or Not...?)

    Hello all! (Here’s my first post, yay!) I’m a relatively new pilot with a bit over 150 hrs and currently starting my instrument rating. My budget will allow me to purchase an airplane by the end of 2020 so I’m starting to look around. Before you recommend other options like Comanche’s...
  19. P

    Brand New PPL. How to challenge myself but stay safe.

    For all my flight training all I was focused on was passing the checkride. Well I did that last week, and honestly, I don't know what to do next. I feel a bit intimidated now that no one is looking over my shoulder on every flight. For now, my best idea is to go over a couple of local sight...
  20. jkoper

    Video of a flight in my Vagabond

    Here is a video of a short cross country flight in my 1948 Piper PA-15 Vagabond from Athens TN KMMI to Crossville TN KCSV and back.