cost of ownership

  1. Dave Anderson

    Check my math.. our my cost estimates accurate.

    I've read all the posts on how much plane should/can I afford. The last 2 years have slightly changed my mindset toward these types of purchases and enjoying life while I can. I've owned boats before and at one point thought I would not do that again. I'm 47 and based on the estimates below...
  2. H

    Question: Pilots who are also A&Ps

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forums. Also, while I've been obsessed with aviation since I was a kid, I'm only just now starting my way towards a PPL. My question has to do with having both a PPL and an A&P. A little bit of background. I am a jet engine mechanic for the United States Air Force...
  3. Adam Weiss

    M20K Owners

    My partner and I have zeroed in on an M20K as our plane of choice. We were contemplating several different models in the M20 series, but as part of our individual missions, we will both need to fly from the Midwest over the Rockies, and the Turbo seems like a must-have for that. I have owned in...
  4. Alex Batista

    Rent or Own before IFR?

    So it’s been said that an Instrument rating will lower an Airplane Owner’s Insurance cost which is why some people advice to be Instrument rated before buying. But Owning an airplane may reduce the training cost while going for your IFR rating. So, comparing apples to apples, would it make more...
  5. S

    When can you afford an airplane?

    I know this is kind of a loaded question that can be answered in a thousand different ways, but what rule of thumb would you go by for being able to afford sole ownership of say a light piston single? When you can afford to buy outright? When you can afford to overhaul without taking a loan...
  6. N

    What resources do you use to find other pilots to fly with?

    Hi there - new member on PoA. Curious about resources that anyone uses to find new pilots to fly with/safety pilots for Instrument currency/etc. Is it just word of mouth/flight school/instructor recommendations? Also curious where many of you find/meet GA pilots who you fly with regularly; not...
  7. S

    Cost of Ownership: Arrow II vs M20J

    First of all, great forum, been lurking for some time but I think it's finally time I made an account. I recently left a partnership on account of a move across the country, and am now considering sole ownership. I've researched several aircraft and have mostly narrowed my sights down to an...