1. F

    RV Camping at Sun 'n Fun (the vehicle, not the plane)

    My neighbor is planning to take his family to Sun 'n Fun and camp in their recreational vehicle. If any of you have experience doing this, I'd appreciate any tips, tricks, advice or lessons learned to pass along. They would probably arrive on the 4/10/24, which is after the show begins...
  2. A

    Sun N Fun Camping

    Looking for advice from anyone that’s camped sun n fun before. First time camping this year. I’ve looked on the website, emailed and called… no response! Maybe someone here can help! My father in law is flying in and we are camping Thursday to Saturday. I’m driving from nearby. Does anyone...
  3. Arnold

    Sun 'n Fun 2023

    Giving serious consideration to attending. Would fly Lady Luscombe and camp. Any other POA ers going? Any comments or suggestions based on prior experience. Should I just say no and go to Belize?
  4. B

    Oshkosh Info for a Newbie

    Tribe. Maybe someone can direct me to a good website or a prior thread on the forum. I'm considering flying to Oshkosh for the first time this year. Time is tight and I'm 1200nm away. And I can't fly in early. My question is this...what are the odds that I can fly in mid-week at the show...
  5. benhar77

    Camp Scholler Tips

    This will be my family's first time camping at AirVenture (and first time camping in a long time). I've rented a trailer, and we'll be coming in Thursday-Sunday. I understand available spots might be in the boonies of Camp Scholler, by that time, but I'm wondering what other Camp Scholler tips...
  6. Archimago

    California cabins?

    Does anyone know of an airport that is near cabins for camping? We are on central coast California. We have a Grumman AA5 Traveler so high altitude mountain grass strips wouldn’t be ideal. Thanks! Richard
  7. Blue172

    Airplane camping on the Bahamas Out Islands?

    So I am starting to plan my annual once month "airplane road trip" and this year we plan on heading from Wyoming to the Bahamas in late April and heading out as far as we can get; with the goal of reaching Mayaguana, the most easterly island in the Bahamas. We are already aware of the $300...
  8. F

    EPIC 19 -- Air Trip #5

    Hello! My 13yo son and I are getting ready for another big adventure. Here is our plan -- welcome to any suggestions! Plane: 1965 PA-24-260 Gameplan: Mostly relaxed flying LOP ~ 9-11k VFR with IFR capable if needed Just bought Stratux ADS-B to help with weather (thunderstorms) on Ipad, Iphone...
  9. Ray Jr

    Flying Camper

    Hi, Has anyone ever heard of someone transforming their airplane into a flying Camper (aka RV, aka Recreational Vehicle) or other sort of live-in transportation ? I imagine a King Air or something of the sort would make a pretty great flying apartment! Cheers
  10. Steve Costello

    Source for firewood

    I'll be heading out next Friday evening for setup at Scholler on Saturday morning. Last year I bought firewood twice from the camp stores, and... well, that gets pretty darned expensive at the rates they are charging. Also, not sure where they are getting their wood (looks like old pallet wood)...
  11. pkuhns

    Camping at Sun n Fun - Tips?

    We are flying down April 4/5 to Sun n Fun. Done the campin' thing at KOSH many times but not in Florida. I am guessing: * There's no shade - zilch * Thunderstorms are to be expected What else? Is there a best practice when it comes to not getting soaked in your tent? Or having your plane...