1. D

    Buying a plane for building hours

    So I'm currently working on my PPL. My friend/instructor wants me to buy an airplane for building hours. And quite frankly so do I. It seems like it could save me a bit of money if I am building hours in it. He drives a beater car and owns two airplanes. I also drive a beater car and have no...
  2. Taft

    How many pre-buys did you have to do?

    I’m getting back into aviation (after 10 years away) and starting to think about what I want to buy. I often hear people say that they spent years trying to buy their airplane. I’m curious to hear how long it took you to find the right plane - how many inspections and how long did it take? For...
  3. Ray Jr

    How long do "these markets" last?

    Prices seem very high right now for many popular vintage airplanes. When was the last time prices soared like this and how long did it last?
  4. Ray Jr

    Airplane for a Tough Mission

    Well I think it's a tough mission anyway. For the sake of conversation, imagine this mission. Flying all over Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland) all year long. With the occasional trip down south to Florida/Caribbean. 2 - 4 occupants. There's a fair bit of crummy...
  5. C

    For Sale Introducing Central Florida Aircraft Brokers, LLC - Buy or Sell your Plane NOW!!!

    Introducing Central Florida Aircraft Brokers, LLC. - Your full service, single source for aircraft buying, selling, and training. Servicing all of Florida and surrounding states. What's missing from traditional brokers is the training aspect. Safety of flight and most insurance companies...
  6. Chapel K.

    For Sale Anyone with experience of using agent / broker when buying

    Aspired to be an aircraft owner and got my finance arranged. Done with written and x-country solo, I should get my PPL once the COVID thing is over. The next thing I realized is how little I know about (any) aircraft expect for C152 and C172 that I was trained on. One of the ideas is to...
  7. Ray Jr

    Help Match Airplane to Mission

    I know there are a million of these threads but they're fun so here's one more. o_O:D Pilot: First time owner. 300 hours (C172/C150) - PPL - IFR - CPL in progress. Mission: -Eastern Canada- can be cold and wet at times but no mountains -650 nm east/west trip from Ontario to Nova Scotia and...
  8. Alex Batista

    Buying an airplane; how much “Total Time” is too much?

    I’ve been looking at some airplanes and there are some that are very attractive, with the avionics that I want, and some of them with really nice paint jobs. The caveat; total time! I find some “ok” ones built in 1977 with a bit less than 4,000 hours. But then I see some beautiful ones built...
  9. Dayron Nunez

    Want To Buy 1957 Cessna 172, price?

    Hi folks I'm trying to buy my first aircraft and of course thought of the beloved C172, it will fulfill my mission although there are version that will do it better or worse. I have one aircraft that has been offered to me from someone I know, and I would like to incline towards that one but...
  10. German guy

    [rant]Aircraft ‚sellers‘, mechanics and the difficulties of buying an airplane[/rant]

    This is the third time, my wife and I are in the market for a plane: The first one was a Cessna, then our Mooney and now something fun like a Kitfox or maybe a vintage aircraft. We probably all heard the advice of how to buy an airplane, if one wants to avoid almost certain financial disaster...