1. David Loftus

    EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) Blocking Action Camera Communication

    Here's a question for the engineers out there. I have tried many action cameras from GoPro, Sony, and Garmin mounted in different spots on my Diamond DA40. I've had mixed success with controlling them remotely from the cockpit. My latest acquisition is an Insta360 X3. Got a good deal on a...
  2. J

    GTX-345 and no Bluetooth in SYS menu

    Just got the Garmin GTX-345 installed. I have a 430W and Garmin audio panel. First flight got traffic and weather on the 430W screen -- very nice. Got home and referenced the Page 3-4/3-5 of the pilot's manual to pari the 345 with my iPad via Bluetooth. No Bluetooth in the SYS menu. Backlight...
  3. M

    For Sale Clarity aloft link for trade

    I am looking to trade my Clarity Aloft link (bluetooth) headsets for Bose A20 with bluetooth. They are like new, no signs of wear and come with additional ear pieces for sizing.
  4. S

    Garmin Help - Linking phone to GTN 750 with GMA-35

    Hello, Wonderful forum with a lot of great information. I've read through many posts but have not seen an answer to my specific question. I recently acquired a Saratoga with a very nice Garmin setup: • STEC 55X Autopilot Featuring Altitude Hold • Altitude Pre-Select with Vertical Speed...
  5. K

    Straux on Avare

    Hi. I have been using Avare for more than 5 years & it's been very stable. Now im thinking of adding an ADSB in I heard a lot about Stratux If anyone is using Stratux on an Avare, I could clear some doubts. 1.Does this connect only via WiFi or it can connect via Bluetooth too. 2.Does this...
  6. jstro

    GTX-345 and Galaxy bluetooth issues

    Anyone have a GTX-345 with Android bluetooth issues? My Galaxy S7 pairs successfully but refuses to connect. I'm going to grab an iPhone and another android tablet and see how they do. It might just be a Galaxy S7 thing. The GTX-345 connects just fine to the Aera 660, which I would hope since...