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  1. H

    What happens with glass cockpits if there's a cyber attack

    Hi folks. I've been designing a dream panel using hangarflying.com and after finishing it a thought came to my mind: What happens if there's a major cyber attack and all the screens turn blue mid flight? Not talking about a power blackout on your plane, but a software malfunction. All the...
  2. Parker Cantrell

    Obtaining IR in a plane without IFR rated GPS

    Hello all! What are your thoughts on working towards my IR in an airplane without an IFR rated GPS? Currently, I run a Bendix/king skyforce III(not IFR approved) in my '68 Cardinal. In addition, what would be the best affordable IFR capable GPS systems on the market? Garmin 430 waas,garmin 155...
  3. B

    New Aircraft, in need of avionics advice.

    Me and my dad just bought a 1975 Cessna 182P. It does not have Mode C or adsb and it still has the original cessna radios which we want to replace although they do work. We plan to use the 182 for cross country trips as well as to build time towards an instrument rating. I think a GNX375 makes...
  4. L

    GFC 600

    Does anyone have experience with the new Garmin GFC 600?
  5. oasisaviation

    For Sale Atlanta Area ADSB Installs

    ADS-B solutions for GA, Rotor and Experimental. KCCO-Newnan Coweta. Stratus ESG with 2i (3i when shipping) for $3045 plus tax. Garmin GTX 345 $4500 plus tax. L3 NGT-9000 $4800 plus tax. 404-309-0877 Oasis Aviation
  6. Dayron Nunez

    Non-TSO for Certified Aircraft

    Hi everyone Please first forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, and very new at this, not an aircraft owner, just a private pilot and looking forward to own some time soon hopefully. I've been looking at some avionics upgrade stuff on the web and found that all the "same" or similar...