1. WhichWays_Up

    Cherokee 180 to Arrow 180

    Hi! I'm Tim! Long time looker, first time poster. I'm on a few different forums looking for any information from Arrow owners. Currently own a 69' 180 Cherokee and she's been a great airframe. Trips are usually around 700km (380NM). I usually true at 110 knots, 120 if I point the nose down in...
  2. Jake Simpson

    PA28R-200 Air Tex interior

    Considering upgrading interior with a partial or full Air Tex interior, biggest things I need are seats/carpet/wall panels. Has anyone done this in an Arrow and can share their experience installing it yourself? Along with that, what's the cost for a full interior on a PA28? Will get a quote...
  3. Jake Simpson

    PA28R-200 oil plug

    Good evening everyone, Was doing the first oil change after 50hrs on my 1969 Arrow 200 (IO360 C1C). I unscrewed the gold cap of the drain plug and pushed up on the inner cylinder to let the oil drain. All was fine and the oil came out, however once I went to let the plug down it just won't come...
  4. Jake Simpson

    IO360 C1C heater

    Hey all, i was doing some exhaust work on my PA28R-200 with the IO360 C1C 200hp. I found this before I removed the shroud and am not sure if it was like this already before I started working on it. This is on the left hand side of the engine right below cylinder 4 riser/muffler. Is this a hose...
  5. mandm

    Piper Arrow Panel Lights Changeout PA28R

    This was a fun project, thanks to YouTube and a couple POA users I was able to get it done. Thank you! Before Difficult to see attitude indicator and manifold pressure, used my handy red flashlight while flying at night. Dome light was sporadically working. After Able to read all of the...
  6. Jake Simpson

    Piper yoke cover/wrap

    Has anyone here wrapped their yoke or purchased covers somewhere like the photo I included? Would love to do this to my Arrow. I'm just curious as to what's the most efficient/cheapest way to do this? Is there a good place to order covers for them from?
  7. Jake Simpson

    Piper Arrow III mx/insurance

    Hello all, Looking into purchasing an Arrow III or similar aircraft. My question is how much more is the complex aspect going to cost me in annual inspection/annual mx expenses? How much is a typical annual inspection going to cost me? I'm also curious about insurance. I'm a private pilot with...
  8. ItsACardinalRG

    78 Piper Turbo Arrow Gear Not Properly Retracting

    I have a 78 Turbo Arrow. A couple months ago, the gear started acting up. Sometimes I would flip the gear switch and the gear would not even attempt to raise. Sometimes I would flip the switch and it would raise part of the way and then stop in mid-retraction with the warning light on. The shop...
  9. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs Piper Arrow III

    Seems like the only difference between the Arrow II and III is the 72 gallons of usable fuel the III offers (vs 48 on the II) and the Lyc. IO-360-C1C6 on the III (vs the Lyc. IO-360-C1C on the II). Are the engines “that different”? Any other differences I’m not considering? Please keep responses...
  10. E

    Piper Arrow purchase advice

    Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking for a while, making my first post. I’m considering purchasing a Piper Arrow and would love to hear from some current owners about their experiences. I already have lots of hours in the plane when I was a member of a flying club so I know I like the plane. Just...
  11. E

    Wanted: Partnership Partnership in SC

    Looking for partners for aircraft purchase in the Columbia SC area (KCAE, KCUB, KFDW, KAIK and surrounding area). I currently have over 185 hours (50+ in arrow/Saratoga) and about to take IR checkride. Going all the way to CFI & CFII after commercial. Looking for partners (3 max) interested in...
  12. Alex Batista

    Piper Arrow II vs III (+ Turbo or Not...?)

    Hello all! (Here’s my first post, yay!) I’m a relatively new pilot with a bit over 150 hrs and currently starting my instrument rating. My budget will allow me to purchase an airplane by the end of 2020 so I’m starting to look around. Before you recommend other options like Comanche’s...
  13. Jack C-137

    Pa28R fuel pump over use.

    So I did my first solo in the PA28R and I accidentally left the fuel pump on for about ten minutes. Now I know that I'm the first person who's ever done this, but how long is an auxiliary fuel pump rated to operate over the course of it's life span? How much damage did I do to the aux pump? Not...
  14. P

    For Sale: Partnership Atlanta Georgia partnership forming KFTY

    Two pilots interested in partnership based at KFTY seeking two more. Would be looking to purchase a Piper Arrow/Mooney M20 or some other 4 place single engine. Purchase price would likely be in the $15,000 to $20,000 per person range. Fixed costs would have to be determined. We would want to...
  15. P

    First Airplane Purchase: Piper Arrow

    Hello! I am currently a student pilot with my solo endorsement and am having trouble completing my private pilot training due to the fact that my schools airplanes are booked up 4-5 weeks in advance. I need to buy an airplane. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I appreciate all...
  16. Adam Weiss

    Looking to Buy (Again)...Recommendations?

    All, new to the forum, and happy to be here! Brief introduction: I'm a 300hr PP-SEL pilot. Previously, I owned a Beech Super Musketeer (A23-24 200HP) for about 5 years. Nice plane, but quickly had the itch for more speed. Now I'm in a club with a few 172s and a 182 now. Both good planes. I...
  17. S

    Cost of Ownership: Arrow II vs M20J

    First of all, great forum, been lurking for some time but I think it's finally time I made an account. I recently left a partnership on account of a move across the country, and am now considering sole ownership. I've researched several aircraft and have mostly narrowed my sights down to an...
  18. MN_Flyer

    For Sale: Club Membership South Saint Paul, MN Club Share for sale- Cirrus, Arrow, Archer, Warrior

    Membership Share Available for the Twin Cities Premier Flying Club! Join Prescott Flying Club, one of the most well-established and financially-stable flying clubs in the Twin Cities. Our fleet is fully-IFR equipped with WAAS GPS units in all four planes! With three brand new engines and recent...