annual inspections

  1. Sjensen

    RPM/Performance decrease after cylinder replacement & carburetor rebuild

    During my plane's recent annual inspection, I had to replace the #4 cylinder and rebuild the carburetor. This was my first time dealing with both of these issues, so I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I've noticed a significant loss of power, especially during climb-out, and a decrease in...
  2. IK04

    I gave up... Selling the itty bitty airplane.

    After more than two years of frustration with attempting to completing an annual inspection and several other repairs, the local airport weenies were about to claim my airplane as abandoned because it has sat in a tiedown in a non-flyable condition. In order to get the plane off the airport, I...
  3. J

    Prebuy Mechanic in New England

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to buy my first plane to start flight training. I currently have a deposit on a 1968 Piper Cherokee 180 and need to find someone who can do a prebuy. Airplane is located at Pease in Portsmouth, NH. Does anyone know a good mechanic who could go there and see if it’s a...
  4. Jake Simpson

    Piper Arrow III mx/insurance

    Hello all, Looking into purchasing an Arrow III or similar aircraft. My question is how much more is the complex aspect going to cost me in annual inspection/annual mx expenses? How much is a typical annual inspection going to cost me? I'm also curious about insurance. I'm a private pilot with...
  5. B

    Annual in Mexico

    '69 Cessna 172K old school panel all needle gauge First annual as an owner. Runs strong in the ~80 hours I've put on it. I live in Mexico. I don't want to leave. I don't have a "guy" back in Utah. I just have the guy that did the previous annual that I've never met. Anyone ever done this...
  6. O

    Any Suggestion for a Baron Prebuy in Waukegan, IL?

    I'm in the process of acquiring an E55, and would like to get any reference for a pre-buy, possibly doing an annual as well, within 100mi of KUGN? Was suggested Jim Finefield in 3CK but they are a few weeks backed up with annuals.
  7. Matt Gunderson

    Planning an Annual Inspection for a 55 year old Bonanza

    One of the things I find most enjoyable about owning my Beech Bonanza is the maintenance planning side of things. When I first bought my airplane, I created a catalog of nearly every part number installed on the airplane; poured through the logbooks capturing what had been replaced when, what...
  8. C

    A&P needed in Maine

    in desperate search of an A&P close to KEPM (Eastport, Maine) to sign off on a ferry permit for a Cessna 150. Ferry permit in hand. Aircraft easily accessible at KEPM. I'm in the Portland area and can drive if someone is willing to make the trip. Will pay you for your time. Bonus points if...
  9. T

    Mechanic for Annual Inspection in Central Florida

    Does anyone have any recommendation for a good mechanic for an annual inspection in the central Florida area. We are based out of Sanford (SFB) and recently purchased a Cessna Cardinal. The annual is due in December.
  10. Keck Aviation

    Aircraft Inspections

    Whether you need an Annual Inspection, an Experimental inspection, or anything in-between, Call us at Keck Aviation to schedule it! We have over 70 years of combined experience and testimonials to prove our skills. (330)552-8889